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Machine just died TT-TT need advice

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  • Machine just died TT-TT need advice

    Had a Sunbeam EM5900 Artista for the last 4/5 Years(although the last 9 months it has been in storage).It still heats the water but nothing seems to get pumped. In the worst case scenario i need to find alternatives. I already have a Chemex, Aeropress and a ColdBruer. I recently changed grinders and got myself a smart grinder so i have about 200 dollars odd budget.

    I am looking at something along the lines of
    Breville - Cafe Venezia Espresso Coffee Machine
    DeLonghi Icona ECO310

    I am not expecting holy shit amazeball coffee but decent drinkable latte or cap

    any advice would be greatly appreciated

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    G'day mate...

    Can you hear the Pump trying to operate?
    Have you gone through a Descale Clean for your machine at all?



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      Hello Nix,
      Welcome along your rocky road of faltering coffee machines! As Mal asked the question "Is Pump trying to operate".
      As the machine was out of action for the nine months,that's likely the problem,the Artista is about the only machine I haven't looked into (as yet) so I cannot guide you there,though seems to me likely the pump needs priming (if it's making a real racket "trying to operate ".
      The more recent models (EM6900 & EM6910) sometimes required brew/hot water run simultaneously to get the correct flow going,have you tried that (no hot water wand with your's).
      The Artista arn't bad machines (I've read about them) so surely it's something simple.
      Are you happy diving into the insides of your machine?
      hear from you soon,


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        For Sale Gaggia Classic with Silvia steam wand.


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          Hi guys thanks for the reply. I can hear the pump trying its best, it is loud
          @dimal I tried descaling but it doesnt pump out the water at all

          @mulquemi ill look into priming the pump....but to be honest i might just get a new machine
          An acquaintance parents are moving overseas and i might be able to get their 7 year old gaggia classic at 200 odd dollars do you guys think its a good idea? it hasnt been used in a 9 odd months apparently

          @leroy I am based in melbourne so it might not be the best option ^_^


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            I must be really out of the picture regarding used coffee machine prices,I've got a few Gaggia machines up and running smoothly and the most I would put on a secondhand unit is $100 however,I'm obviously not $$$ hungry enough,new they are pricy,but there you go.Do you know anyone up here in 3690 area? Have gaggia's (Carizza,Dose,evolution,baby& classic).
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