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Sunbeam EM4800 stopped working... repair help request!

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  • Sunbeam EM4800 stopped working... repair help request!

    Hi all, My EM4800 just didn't turn on one day. (no lights lit up).

    Being the handyman, I took the entire think apart and cleaned and checked all parts.

    My first thought was the switch had fried, but I tested it and it is fine. After cleaning and reassembling everything (and checking continuity of the power cable to switch and measuring resistances etc) I decided to give it another try.

    When I switched it on, it tripped a breaker in the house, so something is definitely shorted or fried.

    Does anyone know the correct resistance of the heating element coil? I measure 54 ohms, which seems like it may be a bit low.

    Can anyone confirm some of the electrical specs or tips on where to look next?

    Thanks in advance!!!

    Far North Coast NSW

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    Hello and welcome jasshrie,
    Open it up again and try disconnecting (isolating)one component at a time and then power up and observe whether shorting to earth occurs ,try the boiler first by disconnecting the leads to the heating element (tape them up to prevent arcing).
    keep doing the different components (pump/solenoid,heating element etc)once having identified what is allowing the short to earth.Might be something simple like a lead earthed onto casing,these machines aren't too complex.
    I seem to be able to pick them up (local tip) for $5-$10 so make sure you don't rush out and spend up big on repairs.(have three of them in my shed)
    Usual precautions apply with any 240 volt appliances,caution and common sense must be followed or death /injury will happen!
    Good luck,
    late thought....probably the thermal fuse on the boiler or the fuse on the pump...see how you go anyway.
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