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Sunbeam Em2300 coffee machine for $1

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  • Sunbeam Em2300 coffee machine for $1

    Hello Coffee Lovers,
    In Sunbury at the moment and collected (an eBay special ) machine for $1.
    Steam refused to work however,on steam setting heating correctly ,confirmed by pressing brewing button for lots of steam through group head.
    Disassembled the casing to access the boiler,very fiddly,peeled s/s cup warmer off to reveal four screw covers,once removed these plastic tubes the top comes off easily.
    Even with knob in steam position there was nothing from the wand,unscrewed the copper plated horizontal steam arm which was seriously packed with rock like calcium,proving a steam tight blockage.
    Reassembled everything to original position,including the dial setting, works better then expected.
    I was determined to get this machine operational as I was stuck here in Sunbury without access to coffee maker....what a relief.
    Once again,life's great with an operational coffee maker!
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