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  • Boema coffee machine

    Hi all,

    Could someone please tell me more about this machine, i.e. e61 head? boiler size? good machine? Thanks in advance
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    Group head is not E61, it's a proprietary design also used in Brasilia and some other machines. Standard 3 way solenoid operation.

    Boiler capacity around 5L. Uses a 2400W element so heats up pretty fast and always has plenty of steam available. Bear this in mind if you will be using it in a home environment, it will use the full 10A available on a standard circuit.

    No volumetric controls, just a simple on/off switch for brewing.

    Spring actuated steam and hot water taps, this ensures you can't over-tighten the taps and wear out the seals prematurely. I would suggest replacing the standard froth assist steam tip with a 2 hole tip for domestic use, 4 hole for commercial use.

    It's a rugged and dependable machine. It won't win any beauty contests but it can crank out good coffee all day. It's also simple to maintain and with Boema being an Australian company, it is easy to source spare parts.