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Gaggia Classic overflow tube?

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  • Gaggia Classic overflow tube?

    Hi guys
    I just purchased a Gaggia Classic. Turns out the overflow tube is missing. The fixing nut is still attached. I was only able to find one online store selling the tube for $17 plus postage.
    Gaggia Overflow Pipe Classic - Di Bartoli
    - Who else might sell one or a physical store in Adelaide?
    - Can anyone confirm the size of the tube. I assume its simply seamless stainless steel. If so I can buy a length and make a few cheaper.
    Thank you

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    It is a 6mm tube, but the original may not be stainless steel. They have a tendency to split through use/age down the length.
    You can get a length of stainless steel tube off the usual auction site and cut to size. The internal diameter will be 4mm and therefor smaller, but hasn't been an issue on the machine I put it on.


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      Looks like a 250mm length will be about $3.50...


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        I just used black plastic. Was cheap (actually free cause I pinched an off cut from work), still looked fine and was actually easier to take on and off to take the drip tray out for cleaning.


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          I was in the same boat with my new (second hand) Gaggia Classic, bought 5m of black irrigation tube from Bunnings and works a treat plus heaps spare should I need to replace it - not a bad $5 investment