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Advice regarding sourcing 57mm grounds porta filter for Francis & Francis X3

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  • Advice regarding sourcing 57mm grounds porta filter for Francis & Francis X3

    Hello again,
    Recently collected two of these francis & Francis machines,one X3 and other much older X1.
    Both inoperative or claimed by previous owners.
    The X3 had a failed boiler seal,with a bit of reworking and new silicone o ring,works beautifully.
    The X1 was simply jammed with calcium and dry joint (boiler top) for temperature probe,works really well now also.
    The bigger X1 came complete with both ESE (pod) and ground coffee porta filter handles (not interchangeable with X3).
    The X3 unfortunately only came with ESE (pod),again was not interchangable with X1.
    I'd like to source ground coffee porta filter handle for X3 with suitable baskets.
    Is anyone familiar with these models to the extent of knowing where I might find one?
    Kind Regards,
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    Have you tried talking to Jetblack Espresso yet? They carry Francis spare parts. If they don't have what you need there's a company in the US and another in the UK that stock some parts and can get others. If you need them there are manuals available here.

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      Your response is most appreciated however,(as usual)the combined purchase cost of these machines is less than retail cost for new porta filter complete with baskets!
      I was looking for used ,reasonable condition handle up to $50 including postage,might be dreaming me thinks!


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        Have you talked to Jetblack? As a sales and repair facility they no doubt have used parts sitting around, possibly including what you're looking for.

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          Hello again,
          After over two years I've moved the X1 on to another coffee lover, I'm still left with a pod only X5 ,perhaps by now there is someone out there with a orphaned grounds handle.
          I have contacted all the usual Australian distributors of these machines,obviously they are happy to sell me brand new handles (in excess for $100 ) thanks to them.
          Looking likely I'll be waiting another two least!
          I suppose I'm not in a hurry,am I?


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            It looks like the Ascaso 57mm portafilter will fit according to the article below. You originally posted re:Francis X3 with photo to match so assuming that's what you're still referring to and not X5?

            Coffee stuff: Francis Francis! X3


            The article makes reference to similarities to some Lelit machines internally? Some of the Lelit models have a 57mm portafilter so maybe a call to Charlie at JetBlack may shed some light as to whether any of those may fit the Francis?

            Check your PM (Inbox) for another option. Apparently the La Pavoni Domus Bar 57mm Portafilter also fits.
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              Thank you,I do so appreciate your thoughtfulness and helpful suggestions.
              Thanks again,


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                Morning coffee lovers,
                Here I am again still searching for a cheap X3 compatible group handle,I had the perfect one this last weekend,in my hand and it slipped away!

                I reasoned I wanted a less expensive then new handle so I checked the bay and there was the ideal offering!
                One Lelit combo espresso machine available marked as "not working".

                Bidding begun at $30 and remained at that until some clown out there (sorry if it was one of you people!) went crazy in the last few seconds and sent the price way up to $143.00.
                The one concession was that this was locally available,well I thought I now had my necessary group handle,which fitted perfectly by the way.
                I called to the local address to collect this won item,the previous owner was a little sad to see it go.

                Once having the story told about how it became to "not work" I offered them it back again fully repaired!
                I was surprised to have my offer accepted very enthusiastically,as the owner had become most fond of the great coffee this model could I refuse,even as the loss of my claimed X3 suitable group handle!

                I returned home with the machine,much to the delight of my wife ,I reassured her it was a fix job not another machine to add to my already fifty five machines already in the workshop!

                Opened the machine and identified the failed components , replaced and returned to its original very delighted owner.
                Perhaps I should have charged more then $200 as that included the new Ulki pump and installation however,it is still the Christmas season (post) and I'm now feeling all warm and fuzzy that a fellow coffee lover is back doing what they love....enjoying great coffee.

                Sad thing about all this is I'm now without my grounds handle suitable for the Francis X3.
                Anyone out there prepared to let once go for a good deal less the $143.00?
                Perhaps I'll just check the bay or the tree leaf site again!
                Kind Regards,