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Gaggia coffee deluxe retrofit 3 way

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  • Gaggia coffee deluxe retrofit 3 way

    Picked up a cheap gaggia coffee deluxe thinking it looked just like a classic(didn't bother researching and wasn't able to open it up at place of purchase). Turns out that it is pretty similar to the classic but it doesn't have a 3 way solenoid. Has anybody retrofitted one?
    I don't have the machine at home with me so can't look inside at the moment and don't have a classic to compare it to but figured I'd put the feelers out with the cs diy crowd.
    Will probably end up offering it up for sale for what I paid for it but if the 3 way can be fitted, maybe I'll hold on to it.

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    A tricky proposition... And probably not worth it.
    The coffee deluxe has a group valve instead of a solenoid valve and also lacks the OPV. The steam wand has an extra outlet that deals with pressure or something (can't remember exactly)
    To change it, you would need to do something with the group valve, possibly just a matter of replacing the shower screen dispersion plate, but I'm really not sure.
    Also need to block off the extra outlet on the steam valve, or get a new one.
    And finally buy an OPV...


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      I wouldn't bother installing a 3-way solenoid, I don't think it's really necessary. An OPV on the other hand would be good. I know 'noidle22' has done a similar mod on a Gaggia (Cubika?) so he might be able to assist.


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        Thanks guys. Looks like I'll probably pass it on, I'm moving to the outback in a month, wrong time to be picking up new projects!


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          I put an OPV on a Cubika, used it for a while but the machine didn't like it and ended up dumping water through the OPV regardless of if it was brewing coffee or not.
          This was due to the boiler retention valve spring pressure which is what your machine would have as well.

          Even when it was working, I noticed no difference in the taste of the coffee. Ended up fitting a vibration damper from an EM7000 which quietened the pump down a bit, it's a good mod for cheaper machines which are a bit too noisy.

          I also contemplated fitting a 3 way valve just for fun but decided it was too much work for too little gain.