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Group head leaking when steaming on EM5600

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  • Group head leaking when steaming on EM5600

    My EM5600 is leaking from the group head when I am steaming milk.

    I am presuming there are some O-ring seals in the valve mechanism that are wearing out.

    Does anyone know if these are replaceable? I found a diagram somewhere which suggested the valve comes apart, but I'm not keen to take it all apart unless there is hope to fix it, as dislodging seals might well will finish them off, which will be no good if I can't get replacements!

    I'm pretty handy, and happy with dismantling the machine and the valve assembly, if it looks like replacement will be possible.

    I'm in NZ if it makes a difference for spares availability.

    The machine is working fine other than the drips, so I can live with it as it is if no spares likely to be available.

    Also does anyone have dismantling instructions, as I know these machines can be beastly to strip apart! (if not I'll just follow my nose)