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Issues with Gaggia Baby Dose. No water through group head

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  • Issues with Gaggia Baby Dose. No water through group head

    Hi. I hope someone can help. I have a 10-year old Gaggia Baby Dose, which I have performed all of my maintenance on through its life... regular descaling, changing the group head gasket every six or so months, etc. I changed over the entire group head assembly approximately 6 months ago. I’ve basically had no issues in ten years, which has been a dream. I have two coffees a day, which are double espressos and in the event I have a milk coffee, I’m a flat white guy so I invariably take the lazy option and heat up some milk in the microwave, but this morning, I decided to use the heating wand. Bad move. Whilst the milk steamed up a treat, when I switched back to pull my shot, no water came out of the group head. I didn’t hear the ‘tick’ I usually hear some seconds after pressing the button, just before the water starts engaging through the head and though the basket. It doesn’t appear to be a boiler issue, when I switch back to the steam wand, there’s plenty of steam. I’ve done some research but I’m not sure. Is it the solenoid and if so, is this easy to replace? I’d rather save me some $$ and fix it myself. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    I've got a baby Gaggia admittedly it's at least 20yrs old but still in great working order (it's on permanent loan to a friend now)

    What I will say is this: the boiler is tiny and services both the steam and the group head so you usually need to allow for some recovery time before engaging the other.

    Try just running some hot water through the egroup (no basket attached) to see.if that works. If so you should be up and running. And because the machine runs hot I tend to run some hot water through the group head before each extraction, just to 'temperature drop' anyway, prior to inserting the handle to prevent scolding the coffee .

    Hope this helps - Pat


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      Thanks for that. I made an executive decision and put my baby to rest... then went out and bought a Sunbeam EM7000