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Spidem Golia Express - looking for details.

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  • Spidem Golia Express - looking for details.

    I just came across a Spidem Golia Express. It was being sold as junk for $10. When it arrived sure enough the boiler wouldn’t prime. A quick blow into the water intake seem to dislodge a piece of scale and the machine came back to life.

    So far I’ve been pretty impressed with it. It’s half the size of my Saeco Aroma (Nero) but with a lot more detail in it’s design. The water tank is small but uses a float system to raise a stop sign when the level is too low. The portafilter is interchangeable with the Aroma but the weight difference is night and day. It’s soild and makes the Saeco PF feel cheap. Opening up the inside reveals a similar pump to the Aroma Nero, both are not Ulkas. The boiler looks to be the same capacity but made of Brass instead of Stainless Steel. And the steam wand uses the same panarello design but looks to be made of stainless steel instead of plastic like the Aroma.

    After searching I am unable to find any information regarding this model. Has anyone seen one before?

    The Portafilter has an interesting feature(?) When it is attached to the machine and turned to completely to the right it locks and acts like a blind filter.

    Will post pictures after work.

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    Uploaded pictures to flickr.


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      I opened up the boiler today and cleaned everything. I measured its capacity at 200-225ml. That was a pretty decent surprise. Also, I should mention that the Golia's portafilter can be used on saeco machines but not the other way round. The saeco portafilter's wings will not fit the group head.