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O rings for Breville (BES860, or presumably others)

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  • O rings for Breville (BES860, or presumably others)

    So I've finally pulled apart an old and problematic BES860 (very low steam pressure and some water leakage near the group head), and found the problem being a leaking o-ring on the tube going to the steam wand. I replaced it with the steam wand's o-ring to see if that fixed the problem, and sure enough it did. Hurrah! First up, does anyone know what the spec size for the respective O-rings is, and where to get them? Is the steam-wand's the same size as the tube's o-rings (they look about the same, but I presume age would change their size a little). If I can't find an 'official' Breville replacement, is there a generic I can use instead?

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    I know this was a long time ago, but did you end up sourcing some?
    I'm looking for the same thing. This looks like what I want, but doesn't ship until next week:
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      If you just need the tube o-rings, they are BS007 Silicone o-rings. Can be sourced from RS Components under part no. 527-9756, bag of 50 for about $14.

      That repair kit linked is for a Dual Boiler machine and most of it aside from the orange o-rings and small clips are incompatible with the BES860/870.