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Ascaso steel wand upgrade

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  • Ascaso steel wand upgrade

    Hey everyone, I'm new here and am looking for advice. I've been baristaring for a number of years so know what I'm doing. I recently purchased a second-hand ascaso steel uno (2010). I'm getting good coffee out of it but the milk wand just doesn't cut it, the head is too flat and as you bring the tip up to draw in air it just sucks up heaps of air and ruins the texturing. I have noted that the newer models have a redesigned wand which is much more professional in style. Does anybody know if it is possible to upgrade or easily swap out the wands by some method? I'm thinking of buying the part for a newer version (the very latest might not be right but after 2012 they started using better wands so something from then may work) and swapping over.

    Here is the model I have (just with buttons not switches)


    Wand head looks like this

    The newer version has the wand which is curved

    Alternatively there are a a couple of modified wand tips such as this with 3 holes

    and an easy steamer frother aid

    Does anybody have any experience with these adjusted tips or performing a swap for a newer version?

    Any advice would be great

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    Disclaimer: I've never used that machine.

    It looks like the "easy steamer frother aid" on your machine should be removable, it's that the case? If so ditch it entirely. That will be what is ruining your texture. I've if a number of machines with various forms of these "helpful" attachments. All of the machine's steamed ok after removing it and modifying my technique to suit the remaining tip.


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      Thanks for the recommendation. Yes I did try that but it makes it really noisy creating a deep growling noise while steaming. Clearly the tip has a noise dampening effect.


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        The wand from a Sunbeam EM4800/EM4800C should fit that type of Ascaso.

        You may lose the movement of the wand as the sizing is slightly different and you need to tighten it up firmly to stop leaks. I swapped one onto an Ascaso Dream ages ago and it worked pretty well. Those Sunbeams are old now, plenty of them at tip shops and garage sale for cheap or free.


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          You might just need to adjust your technique. With single hole wands like this I just touch it to the surface of the milk, don't submerge it until late in the steaming.


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            I have adjusted quite a bit but it is just too, too sensitive.


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              Interesting, I was wondering if any other brands might fit. it is doesn't look like a complex assembly so figured something may work.