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  • Moccamaster has arrived

    Excited about this! Just received delivery of a new Moccamaster KB741 (glass carafe, manual drip stop).

    Does anyone here brew regularly with a Moccamaster? Interested in hearing about anything you've tried to get the most out of it. Particularly with the manual drip stop.


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    Good choice. I have one of these, they’re pretty simple and consistent. As a guide for every 1g of coffee use 20g of water. So for example 50g of ground coffee use 1L (1000ml) of water. Go up and down from there depending on your preference. There’s plenty of YouTube videos on these, showing how to steep and pre-infuse, but I general just fill the brew basket Add water, brew and enjoy. Cheers Craig


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      Hi Erik, I try and keep it pretty simple. For a litre, 60g reasonably coarsely ground. Preheat with 250ml water which also rinses the filter and then I use the hot water to preheat my Thermos. Then I put in the coffee and give it a shake to level the bed, put in my litre of water turn it on and shut the valve until all the coffee is wet, give it a quick stir and open up the valve.
      I always leave the hot plate on the cooler setting and transfer straight to my Thermos after brewing. I think the thermal carafe version is functionally better, but the glass carafe is much prettier imho!


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        I also have one and yeah the never miss a beat and makes great coffee. I agree with MF above about the Thermal caraf as if you have the hot plate on it stews the coffee.

        Either way enjoy they make great coffee!!