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EM6910 - more trouble than it's worth?

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  • EM6910 - more trouble than it's worth?

    In this time of the COVID looking for a bargain, but is this more trouble than it's worth? I have average handyman skills but have a son who is a barista and knows his stuff! Thanks, Phil.
    Sunbeam EM6910 Barista Coffee Machine

    Sunbeam EM6910 Coffee Machine For sale is just the machine as pictured. No accessories. It is in good working condition other than the steamer pumps water not steam. This means the pump is good. I have been told it is either the steam element or the fuse to it but I don’t have the skills to troubleshoot and replace. Parts are available on eBay for $15. The coffee head itself and the hot water wand both work perfectly so it’s a simple fix for someone electronically minded.

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    First rule of buying anything second hand: NEVER trust a seller who claims it's a simple fix or only a small part that needs to be changed. They "don't have the skills to troubleshoot or replace" but know the steam pump is good, parts are only $15 and it's a simple fix?
    If that was the case, why didn't they get it fixed and sell it for a much higher price?

    Also, an EM6910 won't power up to ready state if the steam thermoblock fuse has failed or the element is open circuit. If it pumps water but not steam then the thermoblock is full of scale and can't produce steam properly anymore. A descale MAY resolve this but often they'll never come back to full power again. There are workarounds for this but it depends how much time you want to sink into it.

    Far too many things that are possible to be a problem on an older EM6910; collar wear, main pump failure, steaming issues (which we already have). He also said it has no accessories, does that mean no group handle? If so, budget the same, if not more, than you paid for the whole machine just for a group handle.

    If you want a project machine, this could be a good option, otherwise keep looking. There's no shortage of them for sale.


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      Great advice - thanks so much!