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Gaggia Evolution steaming through grouphead

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  • Gaggia Evolution steaming through grouphead

    I just fixed this problem with my Gaggia Evolution and thought I'd put it out there in case someone else comes across the same problem.

    More and more steam was coming from my grouphead while I was trying to steam milk. This meant I often "ran out of steam" before the milk was done.

    Good news - you don't actually have to dissemble the whole machine to fix this problem!

    I found out where the problem might be from watching this

    He talks about the "group valve assembly" and that was where my machine's problem was. It's a spring loaded valve with a rubber valve seat. Once I opened my valve up, there were indeed some built up minerals which must have been sitting between the rubber and the metal creating enough gap for the steam to blow past.

    I simply cleaned up the rubber ball and brushed away some grainy bits of minerals and the steam no longer leaks from the grouphead.

    My valve did not come out in one piece (just like he talks about at 21:55). I didn't have the tools he used but I found I could use a pair of pliers in the open position so the pointy bits sat in the notches (see at 22:22).

    If you need to replace this part, see the schematic here:

    You're looking for 44 EF0047/A BREWING VALVE 5,5 BAR ASSY
    And probably 43 NG01/001 FILTER HOLDER GASKET (8,5)

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    Good price for the valve here: