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EM6910 shorting

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  • EM6910 shorting

    Hi everyone, I'm a long time lurker first time poster. For Christmas I've got an EM6910 but it had a couple of broken plastic pieces so I replaced those myself thinking it'd be simple. After reassembling I was able to pull one shot before the machine shorted and tripped the RCD on the house, so I've obviously done something wrong.

    Now, when I turn it on it shorts immediately. I thought it might have been a lost screw in the parts but I've opened it up and can't see anything amiss. No frayed cables etc.

    I know there's a lot of experts here with these machines who have done part replacements, so I wanted to ask if there's anything anyone can recommend or any repair places people know of to get it checked? Are there any screws that are essential to the grounding? I didn't replace the torx screws when I put it back together - is that a problem?

    Here are a couple of photos, not sure if they help.

    I'm in Wellington, New Zealand. Thanks very much

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    Which parts did you replace, or which regions of the machine did you work on.

    Does the machine short when you apply power from the wall, or after you press the power button on the panel? There is a difference here, since the Sunbeam is technically on in a low powered state until activated by the power button.


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      prh I replaced the plastic insert which funnels water into the tank from the top of the machine and the rear door. To replace the plastic I had to remove the rear and side panels as well as the top of the machine.

      The first short happened when I pressed Manual to stop my shot pulling. The second short happened when I pressed Power. It was able to be plugged in without shorting.


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        Mmm. As a quick check, I would (with machine unplugged from mains power) disassemble as before, confirm that no wires became detached, and ensure that all the spade connectors are pushed home properly. Check that no wires could have become trapped and pinched when re-assembling, and check that the microswitches which control the steam and hot water functions are properly located.

        Another possibility is a short caused by fluid leakage, so look for evidence of this.

        Beyond that you may need equipment and electrical knowledge to diagnose further.

        A number of members here do have extensive repair/rebuild experience with these machines, and someone else may be able to take you further. Good luck


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          prh I really appreciate the advice, thanks very much! I'm planning to buy a local RCD so that I can do a bit more testing without breaking the whole house. It has been sitting open for a couple of days so hopefully that'll address any moisture that might have seeped from the tank. I'll reply back when I try it again.


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            Nope, the plug RCD doesn't trip before the house RCD and the shorting happens when the casing is off, so I'm a bit stuck.


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              It's a bit of a long shot but two common faults which can cause earth leakage are a split/crack in the '3 way' solenoid brass plunger tube or a leak in the connection at the top of the steam pump. These may be worth checking.


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                Xanthine hey, thanks for that, I think you were right. I took it to a repair place in Wellington and this is the part that was leaking earth:

                Since the repair job it isn't shorting out, but it has a leak so I'm taking it back under their 3 month warranty. If it all gets sorted I'll reply back and recommend the repair place to others.


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                  Thanks for the feedback as it helps others who may have similar problems.
                  Should be good to go once the leak is sorted.