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marzocco portafilter on a cimbali?

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  • marzocco portafilter on a cimbali?

    is this possible?
    i have a marzocco bottomless PF and was wondering if I can use this on a Cimbali?
    I cant test it out as I dont have a Cimbali on hand  

    or if anyone lives SOR in perth with a Cimbali I can come over n test it out  

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    Re: marzocco portafilter on a cimbali?


    I dont think it does fit... If you check out CoffeeParts Naked portafilters:

    This is a generic (non OEM) PF modified to be bottomless..... and La Cimbali has a unique part number (several others are shown as sharing the LM portafilter......)

    Id give Pedro a ring at CoffeeParts and he will be able to confirm - but Id imagine they have a different thickness lug, or the lug is a different distance down from the lip etc... You could possibly butcher the LM to make it fit---- but why wreck a beautifully made PF?

    And personally, I find the La Cimbali genuine PFs are fine and (other than the kudos from owning an LM PF) it wont improve your coffee....

    People have had an improvement with a bottomless PF however - probably due to less interference with the crema flowing into the cup (and you can see instantly if you have the dose and tamp correct)