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Brugnetti 40.7 1994 resto

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  • Brugnetti 40.7 1994 resto

    Bad news is the guy went through the whole storage shed and there was no motor/pump so ill be hunting one in the next week or 2 but in the meanwhile here are the Before pics i promised the whole thing looks good the end plate area of the boiler has a bit of corrosion but ill sort it out, these pic are just with the panels off ill start pulling here apart tomorro hopefully ;D

    this sticker show that at one stage it has been service unlike most commercial machines :P

    That little box down the bottom is where all the 3-way valves empty and the drip tray

    you can see the corrosion nicly here

    you can see the boiler has an endcap which will make for easy cleaning and ill replace all those seals and gaskets

    that small pipe there is the reducer that robusto was talking about i think

    More to come shortly

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    Re: Brugnetti 40.7 1994 resto

    Well Segrave, looks like you have a few hours of fun ahead of you. Amazing how some parts look brand new and others with the wear you would expect on a reasonably looked after machine of this vintage.

    I think the espresso doctor sticker means its been serviced at least once but am sure you will do a far better job - good luck with it all!


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      Re: Brugnetti 40.7 1994 resto

      Looking good there Segrave,

      Other than the leaking which has occurred around the end of the boiler, she looks to be in very good condition and will clean up really well....

      Its a pity about the pump and motor... Hopefully you will be able to pick up something at a reasonable price...


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        Re: Brugnetti 40.7 1994 resto

        I can now see clearly how the welded heat exchangers terminate at the groups.

        The superficial corrosion will clean up. Make sure the studs which poke through the endplate are not badly corroded, though.

        There must have been a  leak somewhere there. New seals, gaskets hopefully will fix the problem.

        I cant make out the box you mention. But underneath the drip tray appear to be the flow meters for volumetric dosing.

        Should be fun, and everything looks pretty accessible.



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          Re: Brugnetti 40.7 1994 resto

          as you can see the output of the 3 way terminates in the little box and the drip tray trips there too

          Well this pic was meant to be clearer but i dont know if red was the best choice :-/


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            Re: Brugnetti 40.7 1994 resto

            Beware machines where the group is more or less coupled directly to the boiler as this has the effect of transferring more heat more quickly to the group, than on machines where the group is  not directly coupled to the boiler.

            Some machines designed this way are incorrgible coffee burners, which is ok if you like your brew burned nicely. Hope yours isnt one of those.

            Do you know how many amps it pulls and are you going to put it in your house or in a business?

            Someone above mentioned getting a pump and motor at a reasonable price. You might be able to score a good used motor but suggest you opt for a new pump or to put it another way, if you manage to score a complete used motor / pump assembly, budget for the purchase of a new pump anyway or to put it another way, never buy a used pump.


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              Re: Brugnetti 40.7 1994 resto

              Arent the older S27 La Cimbalis et al of that design..... direct coupled groups to boilers?



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                Re: Brugnetti 40.7 1994 resto

                That machine looks to be in superb condition Segrave..... Youve done really well. Dont know about a 3-Group behemoth for home use though, Id have to extend our kitchen just to get it in and probably budget for a divorce at the same time. Im sure youre going to have a lot of fun bringing her back to showroom condition though, even if you have to fork out for a new motor/pump combo. The power bill is going to go up by a notch or two though, no doubt about that.

                This can be offset to a significant degree by insulating the boiler though, so might be worth factoring into the job-list and restoration budget. Id recommend using one of the newer types of bio-soluble long fibre, fibreglass mat material further enclosed in a fibreglass cloth blanket to contain loose fibres.... This would be the most economical way to do it in the short term and very effective. I dont know when our next bulk buy of Silicone Sponge Rubber Sheet will be or even if there will be one for that matter.

                Anyway mate, its going to be a great project from which an enormous amount of satisfaction and pleasure will be derived Im sure. All the best,



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                  Re: Brugnetti 40.7 1994 resto

                  yeah Curmudgeon it is a 20 amp monster but im gonna re-wire the element config slightly so just 1 of the 3 element assembly is drawing power it will then draw 10 amps or less this will increase the warm up time and the cycles will be longer but i dont mind it saves mw atleast $400 for a 20 amp power point.


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                    Re: Brugnetti 40.7 1994 resto

                    yeah insulation will be on the todo list for sure, once i have her all shiny and no leaking again ill have a chat to you about the best method. Cheers


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                      Re: Brugnetti 40.7 1994 resto

                      Goodmorning Segrave.

                      Yes the machine looks to be in excellent good condition for age.

                      One word of advice. I wouldnt cut the element back to 1/3. That will most probably result in its capacity to brew properly being severely compromised with severe ***under extraction*** becoming the order of the day. Not enough heating capacity, for the size of the boiler.

                      I wouldnt cut it back any more than down to 2/3, which leaves you still wanting to get into a 15 amp circuit.

                      My view is to cut it back to 2/3 permamently and add insulation which wiull increase efficiency many fold and allow the machine to work well at home.

                      Note however the usual story applies....every action has a reaction. Insulating the boiler may well then result in the thing overheating the brew water, so that may necessitate other action.

                      If you ask me how I know this....I will say that I have been there.

                      Id book the electrician sooner rather than later, as I wouldnt attempt to run the thing down at around 7 amps (and even lower with real life fluctuations in line voltage) on only 1/3 of the element where I think it will do nothing but disappoint.

                      Good luck,


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                        Re: Brugnetti 40.7 1994 resto

                        Originally posted by Segrave link=1176371710/0#0 date=1176371709
                        Bad news is the guy went through the whole storage shed and there was no motor/pump so ill be hunting one in the next week or 2
                        I have a motor/pump that you could borrow if you live in Sydney. Its frustrating to be missing a part that prevents at least checking out the functionality of the equipment. Sorry, not for sale however!

                        Let me know if youd like a lend of it; Im in Lilli Pilli, near Cronulla.


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                          Re: Brugnetti 40.7 1994 resto

                          Thanks so much for the offer but i live in brisvegas, so ill have to thankfully decline. Hopefully i should have one by the end of next week in the meantime im gonna start to take her apart and get scrubbing ;D


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                            Re: Brugnetti 40.7 1994 resto

                            Ok i got a few photos and a few more questions , so all ive done so far is buy a few new tools and pull 1 of the groups off the machine

                            First shot is of the machine side of the Hx and the second is the groupside.

                            machine side as you can see there is a far amount of scale

                            this is the groups side

                            this is a shot with most of the 3-way removed and all the nuts on the top screwed off

                            shot of the shower screen this did come off after spaying with wd-40 and coating the whole thing in a teflon based lube.

                            Shot with the shower screen and difuser removed, you can see what a shot out of this machine would of tasted like between the coffee oil and the scale in the HX

                            I put the group on the scales with the shower screen and difuser removed and only this bit of the 3-way attached and it weighed in at 2.7kg!

                            Just a question about the above pic, can this bit of the 3-way be put in an acid bath or is there something in there that shouldnt be put in acid ?

                            Also those of you out there that use HCl what G/L concentration do you use and what time length do you soak things?

                            Lastly those 3 brass Bolts you see in many of those pics, they can be removed and there is a hollow cavity between them. I was just wondering if anyone knew what this was for? (perhaps some kind of quick group heating/cooling if pipe were put in?)

                            Thanx all for the help see you tomorro with more pic and questions im sure


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                              Re: Brugnetti 40.7 1994 resto

                              Hi again Segrave,

                              Id be very careful about putting this and any other solenoid valve into an acid bath unless you can strip it down to its individual component parts. There is a very good chance that some of the alloys used in the various valve components may be corroded by the HCl.