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    I am looking at getting a Rancilio S24 to replace my Rancilio Epoca DE2 (Which is for sale on the site) due to the limited size of the kitchen in our new house. Any comments on this machine? Good or Bad Id be interested in hearing. Also I am have a few problems finding one aswell, If you now where i could get one either new or a mint second hand one that would be great aswell..........

    Cheers David

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    Re: Rancilio S24

    Hi David,
    Ive got the s27 - same model range with pretty much identical internals.
    The differences are that the s27 has a rotary pump and needs to be plumbed in/run off a tank and it uses a touchpad for dosing. I think the s24 is vibe pump and internal reservoir.

    As far as I know - the Epoca range is very similar to the S-series and the only real difference is in the outer casing - plastic rather then metal.

    The machine is built like a tank - with easy access to the internals and plenty of room to work in there. All parts are industrial quality - gicar pressurestat, copper lines, nickel-coated copper boiler etc. It also steams like a demon at the 1.1 bar Ive got mine set at. Parts and service are freely available from Mocopan - the Rancilio agent - if you are in Melbourne.

    Downsides - no E61 head - so distribution of the coffee must be spot on or you get serious channelling (may not be as much of a problem on the s24). Heating of the group is via conduction with the same group setup as Silvia - which may not be a stable as a thermosyphon loop. Not especially pretty - but Ive gotten used to the looks of mine.

    As to where you may find one - I got mine at a catering auction. Mocopan has the odd one through as well. Have you looked at a single group Epoca? They are newer and there may be a few more around.

    Of course - try the sponsors for other options like Bezzera, Giotto etc if youre not set on a Rancilio.