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Bezzera 3 Group with no pressure??

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  • Bezzera 3 Group with no pressure??


    have just installed a Bezzera 3 group volumetric though I have no pressure or very litle about .1-.2 bar.

    It is steaming, and the portafiller though when any of the buttons for any of the groups is pressed the pump runs and after about 5 secs all the lights flash for that group. and it is happen with all of them

    Does any boudy have any suggestion


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    Re: Bezzera 3 Group with no pressure??

    Welcome to Coffee Snobs MS.

    Where did you get it from?
    How old is it?
    Do you know its service history?
    Is this for home?


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      Re: Bezzera 3 Group with no pressure??

      We probably need a lot more info to help out here mate ...

      Bezzera 3 group - so its commercial.

      Just installed - into what? For such a beast, 15amp minimum (could that explain absence of bar pump pressure?)

      No extraction pressure, but able to steam ... is that what youre saying?

      Sounds to me from what youve said, that its computerised touch-programmable - if the lights are flashing on the touch pad, it needs programming.


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        Re: Bezzera 3 Group with no pressure??

        Thanks for the quick response

        Yes it is a commercial machine, it has been serviced regularlly when I brought it

        It is for Home and yes it is a 22amp draw so it is hooked up to a 32am curcuit with 4mm cable.

        Yes no extraction - steam and the hot water from the machine though can not get any water through thte extraction, when you hit the one of the espresso cup buttons you get the pump engaging and then after about 4 secs it cuts out and lights all the five buttons up including the "*" button. on the group panel which is digital/ press buttons and it also has a red led read out between group 1 and 2

        The heater light is coming on to heat the water extra, plus there is a green water level button I would assume next to the heater light, though have not seen this lite! and then the Lett button which when pressed give different read out on the red led panel

        Plus near these is a key with three positions 0 , 1 , 2

        when on 1 it comes up PROG which I assume is program which I would have no idea how to do, and on 2 setting it is all 22222

        again thanks for the help and responses, though any more help would be greatly appreciated

        How to program it, the model?, what does the let button do etc

        All I am aware of it is a commerical 3 group volumetric , 22amp and 5000watts



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          Re: Bezzera 3 Group with no pressure??

          Any chance of a picture of the the compliance plate or a transcription of all thats on it?

          A pic of the machine itself would make it easier to suss out the model.

          Can you ask who you bought it off contact details of the service guy?


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            Re: Bezzera 3 Group with no pressure??


            Details on model, age and if possible history would all help.

            Being a fully auto, they are fraught with possible problems (I know my La Cimbali - which I rebuilt - is an auto)...... and many of these can be expensive to rectify (like a new computer board costing many hundreds of dollars......

            It could be lack of programming, or the machine has been placed in a "secure" mode..... or the board is faulty, water supply not connected properly (some makes have a tap which needs to be opened before water will flow in - or out - of the supply line.....

            There are many things it "could be"..... but with a few more details it might be possible to narrow these down a little.


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              Re: Bezzera 3 Group with no pressure??

              Hi and thanks

              Was working before I got it sent up from Sydney

              The water pressure is fine on the machine and guage

              Though as you have said may be in secure mode etc

              here is the pic attached

              The Serial number is 951067 no idea on age

              cheers and thanks again

              How do I program this machine and how do I know if it is in secure mode??


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                Re: Bezzera 3 Group with no pressure??

                This doesnt look like one of the current Bezzera line-up. It looks like a BZ3000, which is an older model.

                My suggestion is that you call Barazi, one of our site sponsors who import Bezzera machines. The best person to talk to would be Jack, who is their tech.

                One suggestion is to run some hot water and see if the auto fill will engage. If it doesnt, then its most likely your controller black box. These things fry reasonably regularly in a hot moist coffee machine environment.

                Definitely give Barazi a call...




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                  Re: Bezzera 3 Group with no pressure??

                  Unfortunately I dont know much about the Bezzera range....

                  The "secure mode" is used by the service people to stop baristi "fiddling" with volume settings etc....

                  Many, if not most, autos have this option and it is a matter of finding out how to take it out of this mode before you can make any changes..... mine is a combination of switch positions on the computer board, yours might be with the key, or their might be switches on the main board as well.

                  Once this is set to "service mode" the machine can be programmed..... (some machines are left in this mode - mine is now - but it depends on the people who owned the machine before and the service organisation....)

                  Mine, and several other brands are placed in program mode by holding the stop/start button on the volume keypad for about 10 seconds.... it then beeps and you are then able to program volumes.... but only if the machine is in service mode.

                  Yours might well enter program mode a different way - sounds like with the key.... hopefully another Bezzera owner might be able to shed some light on that and how you program the volumes.

                  However the volume to be dispensed is stored in "non volatile" memory - so it should still be set at the last setting - 30/60ml etc .... unless the previous owner set it to zero or the memory has reset through a fault in the unit.

                  It sounds more like it is trying to dispense, but water cant flow.... the flowmeter detects no water passing..... and after 4 seconds it goes into alarm mode (and I presume shuts off the pump).... this could be the three way not operating - but if the same happens with all groups I would suspect a power supply / computer board fault.

                  There is a Club Bezzera (you will find it with a Google search)..... it might be worth you joining them. They might even have manuals available for download.


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                    Re: Bezzera 3 Group with no pressure??

                    Barazi have the manuals to all of these machines available as pdfs.


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                      Re: Bezzera 3 Group with no pressure??

                      Ok let start,

                      Bezzera B3000 with coffee counter I think. Each group has their own board.

                      "It is steaming", good your element works, and pressure switch is working

                      "portafiller though when any of the buttons for any of the groups is pressed the pump runs and after about 5 secs all the lights flash for that group. and it is happen with all of them"

                      Lights flashing could mean:
                      1. Coffee is to fine and is not allowing to go through
                      2. All lights flashes at the same time is not enought water in the boiler, swith it OFF and start all over againg. Clean your two levels probes
                      3. One group is flashing only group head filter inside group and jet are block. I will check flow metre as well to see if water is going though
                      4. Control board is not working properly

                      If you need any help give a call so we can discuss this in more details



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                        Re: Bezzera 3 Group with no pressure??

                        Thanks for the info

                        I rang Jack about this and his comments were either the pump or calcification - which it seem to be in the filter and jet, I have now done one head group though before I did it, when I switched the machine on it was buzzing like a transformer buzzing

                        Now after doing the head, I turned it back on and there is no buzzing though the light on the control panel all light up for a brief second and then go out, with no heater coming on, of the led read out coming on.

                        Have checked the fuses on both the power board and control board under the group buttons and the power board the black box fuse was blown, so have replaced this with the same fuse and still nothing

                        all help appreciated



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                          Re: Bezzera 3 Group with no pressure??

                          Do you have water coming into the machine.

                          Check your element with the multimeter, could be that you have burn the element and the real problem was the fill solenoid. Before the fill solenoid is another jet.



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                            Re: Bezzera 3 Group with no pressure??


                            To fault find beyond where you are, you will really need the manual for the machine and a knowledge of electronics, multimeter etc....

                            A blown fuse is normally indicative of a bigger problem..... and that is in the power department..... so unless comfortable working with 240V - Id get an expert to have a look.

                            Running one of these machines with something not working properly (no water flowing through the pump or boiler level too low for example ) can do lots of expensive damage to the machine...... and a wiring fault can do the same to the operator.

                            My machine had a potentially lethal wiring fault when I bought it (also from a cafe- just taken out of service) but Im very familiar with electronics and found the fault before it caused any injury (to me!)

                            A mixture of power circuitry, lots of metal and water is potentially a very lethal combination...... and rather than gamble with your safety (unless familiar with electrical/electronic circuitry) - Id be taking it to a professional and having it thoroughly checked over...

                            It might cost - but what value do you put on your life (and the life of others in your family).

                            That is one reason why, even though I personally love second-hand commercial machines - I would certainly not recommend them for general use - or for most to attempt restoration of such a machine.