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What commercial espresso machine do you recommend?

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  • What commercial espresso machine do you recommend?


    I am just beginning to gather information and hope that you will be kind enough to provide me with some direction. I am planning on opening a coffee shop and would like your recommendation on what brand/model of semi-automatic espresso machine I should purchase for my small business and why you recommend it.

    Thanks so much for any information.

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    Re: What commercial espresso machine do you recomm

    Hi pluggedin,

    congrats on your first post to this ever growing and respected community.

    Why a semi auto?. I recommend a volumetric, it will be something less your operators need to think about particularly if they have little experience and even when you do, its still nice to have once less thing to think about.

    You said "small business". Ok so I guess we are looking at a 1 grouper and in tha case there are more machines available to you then  when you start to get into high volume stuff.

    That said, for any business where you are selling coffee suggest dont buy a semi-commercial. For not all that much more go for a plumbed 1 group commercial with water connection. Look for something reliable that performs well.

    People in business need to have good local service backup, so forget buying from out of area. Unfortuanely that also means I am advising you NOT to buy equipment from me unless you are in my local area.  I firmly believe it is bad management for business people to go into things that they cant get serviced locally QUICKLY......that is in terms of the availability of parts, unless they dont mind being without their equipment for a couple of days if something that is not interchangeable with other machines goes, auto fill box, touchpad, CPU, steam valves....and whilst many machines these days are reasonably you have a crystal ball?

    Of course if none of that worries you, I would be pleased to talk you about my own great Diadema brand machines. Theyre very well designed to a tried and proven "old school" conventional design, run down the production line to our individual signature specifications to work at thier best in the australian market using our styles of espresso beans, they brew great coffee, and have very good capacity. And theyre simple to service / repair, all important factors for someone in business.

    So what I am saying to a local equipment or service provider and definitely talk to your coffee supplier...why not, it is in their best interests to handle equipment that does justice to their product.

    Should you wish to talk please do not hesitate to call me....during working hours of course, and yes we do have experience of the needs of machines to be placed into vans.

    aka FC, first / original CS commercial site sponsor.


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      Re: What commercial espresso machine do you recomm

      I use an Expobar Elegance 2 group duel boiler it is a small 2 group but big enough handle lower end commercial quantities, it produces great shots and is a very well designed machine, (except the small hot water outlet), reliable and
      easily serviced, price wise they are very affordable mate, see Chris at talk coffee if you are in Victoria.

      Just as, if not more important, you should get the best grinder that you can afford, it is imperative for good coffee!!!

      See Andy Freeman (COFFEE SNOB BROWN BAY) for your COFFEE you wont go wrong.



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        Re: What commercial espresso machine do you recomm

        Dont waste time, get a brasilia portofino and a capriccio grinder


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          Re: What commercial espresso machine do you recomm

          I have a 2 group FAEMA Due which is an 850 cup per day machine. Volumetric and very forgiving. You can still buy them. They sell retail for about $10k new. They are a workhorse and sneak into many cafes when you know what to look for. They are not flash like the parent company LMs or the SMs etc, but great machine from all the research that I have done on them and from my ownership over the last 10 months or so - very easy to work on and quick to heat up. Parts are cheap and plentiful.



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            Re: What commercial espresso machine do you recomm



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              Re: What commercial espresso machine do you recomm

              From the Coffee Crazy site -

              "Our Espresso Machines

              “I never drink coffee at lunch. I find it keeps me awake for the afternoon. ” Ronald Reagan

              Italy has a long and distinguished history of producing espresso coffee machines. Seeing as they invented the method this is only to be expected. Gaggia, La Pavoni and others all make excellent machines capable of producing exquisite coffee. We use models from the Faema Due range. The coffee they produce is probably no better or worse than the other major manufacturers, the machines themselves however have 2 important points in their favour. Firstly Faema machines are renowned for their reliability, indeed it was once said that Faema’s main competitor was Faema! It is quite normal to see machines from this manufacturer working happily for 20 years or more.

              Secondly, the machines we operate have been adapted to allow their use when necessary from a standard household socket. Normally we provide a generator to power the espresso machine (commercial machines require between 18 and 30 amps), but in some venues this isn’t possible. The Faema Due can be downrated for these occasions. The coffee production is unaffected by this, although it may limit the amount of tea we can produce, this is easily solved by using a seperate catering boiler if large quantities of tea are required."


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                Re: What commercial espresso machine do you recomm

                Maaaaaaaate, you can also consider the La Scala Carmen its programmable volumetric, piston infusion, rotary pump, auto fill even from a container, and I have mine plugged into a household wall socket, works very well and priced at 6K brand new, lots of chrome E61 groups and beautifully finished will cater for any amount. I can put you onto the Aussie distributor if you like.

                Ray... proud owner of a La-scala carmen. check out my post on this thread for "La Scala Carmen A2" for pics.


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                  Re: What commercial espresso machine do you recomm

                  You should also check out the Gino Rossi range of grinders, they are commercial quality at a very reasonable price range...... Ray.

                  also proud owner of 2 gino rossi grinders (one for de-caff)

                  By the way the quality of the grinder is of absolute importance even more-so than the espresso machine.