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Expobar Ruggero ?

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  • Expobar Ruggero ?

    I am thinking of buying one for a new coffee shop around $6000 new what do you experts think?.......visually I love it I love the round 50s lines and the fact that it comes in any car auto colour you like!! I admit I am female but image is important in our shop as we are an Art Gallery as well..... so if I get a good grinder and beans and I learn to make good coffee will it be OK? I also like that it is Australian.

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    Re: Expobar Ruggero ?

    hi coma
    I also like that it is Australian.
    the expobar is made in spain, not in australia
    and IMHO, is a better machine than the boema , which is the only machine in aust (partly made)

    and the fact that it comes in any car auto colour you like!!
    at last enquiry the only colour in stock was blue

    we have sold a number of the expobars and have had no issues as yet
    spare parts are not a problem
    and customer feed back has been good

    there are lots of good coffee machines and grinders on the market
    it is about finding someone who will sell you the right setup and service it for you.

    in our area, there is two or three sellers/ repairers who have very limited knowledge of what they are selling, or trying to service and carry no or little spare parts.

    contact all the suppliers in your area and talk to them about your needs.
    do they carry spares
    if your machine fails and they cant repair quickly, do they have a spare machine that they are able to loan you
    can they teach you and your staff to make better than good coffee.
    find out who else they have taught, take a friend or two and try their coffees

    too many businesses think that a fancy looking coffee machine or that some fancy name award winning coffee
    will sell lots of coffee

    its the a combination of
    good clean Equipment + Fresh Coffee + good Service people + passionate USER = lots of coffees



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      Re: Expobar Ruggero ?

      Hi Fix
      Thanks for the reply all good points you make, I agree about fancy coffee machines versus good coffee but in our case we need both as visuals in our shop will be important we are an Art Gallery as well it is part of who we are but as you say good coffee can be made in the ruggero as long as the grinder and beans are up to scratch....can you supply the machine ? as to the colours thats what I was told at a supplies seller in Lismore NSW as long as it was auto paint I fancy orange anyway Thanks again.


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        Re: Expobar Ruggero ?

        I like all of Grahams advice except the bit about visiting another shop and judging the teaching by the performance of a student. Student performances vary from A to F, and you may not get your coffee made by an A student but by the casual student of an F student.
        Id prefer to have the teacher make me a coffee.


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          Re: Expobar Ruggero ?

          accepted greg



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            Re: Expobar Ruggero ?

            Late on the uptake on this one sorry, but if youre after a first-hand opinion you could contact Serge of Go Barista as he has one of these machines.