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Opinions on Bezzera DAL 1901 2-3 group?

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  • Opinions on Bezzera DAL 1901 2-3 group?

    Hi all!

    Have just seen a second hand commercial machine on the market that I could have a look at...

    Its a Bezzera DAL 1901 2 group. I havent seen any information on the net regarding this machine, so I was wondering if anyone had come across it and had any idea if parts were still available.

    Im still waiting on some more information on the machines history from the seller.

    Ive actually seen one in a bar around Melbourne (Der Raum if youre curious), and it looks pretty eighties with the buttons above each group clustered together in a square, divided into five... If that makes any sense. *shrug*

    Anyways, any opinions would be appreciated.


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    Re: Opinions on Bezzera DAL 1901 2-3 group?

    You havent found anything on the net because "DAL 1901" is not the model name.  Youll need to find out the exact model name/number to do any research on it.  Although im sure some of the guys here will know just by looking at the photo.


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      Re: Opinions on Bezzera DAL 1901 2-3 group?

      Hi Taz;

      That machine is the Bezzera DE 2000. Has:

      Boiler 11 lt 3000 or 4000 w element: standart should be available
      Preasure swicth standart
      Group head seals standart old type : still avilable

      Check up from Barazi if they still have the control board and the touch pads, other wise if is agood price could be a good project.