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  • Cafe in Kiribati

    Hi all

    I know that this similar has probably been asked before but Im hoping for a little bit of advice about a very reliable, simple to use commercial grade coffee machine to be used in a small coffee shop. However, this cafe is going to be in the country of Kiribati in the Central Pacific.

    We currently have a very small but successful coffee corner (the only real coffee in the country) and use a domestic machine, but are looking at upgrading to open a small cafe and will require a commercial grade 2 head coffee machine. There is nobody in Kiribati who supplies or repairs coffee machines or anything like that so we need one that is very, very reliable. (Fiji is a 3 hour flight away and only 2 flights a week). Most of the staff who will use it will not have personally done a barista course but will have been trained by somebody who has so it also needs to be simple to use.

    I have searched on the internet but am still none the wiser about what choice to make. Any advice or starting point would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Cafe in Kiribati

    Stay away from the electronics as much as possible, no matter how flash the machine may be. Due to the lack of readily available spare parts Id be looking at a single boiler HX machine like a La Cimbali or equivalent with no electronics in it at all. Just purely mechanical switches. Far fewer points of failure and with good water and with proper maintenance it should give you many years of trouble free service.

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      Re: Cafe in Kiribati

      If you are so remote you would probably be better off to choose 2 manual hand lever machines
      It will take a bit of training
      Nothing much can go wrong except some seals that you can replace yourself
      If you buy 2 x 1 Groups and one breaks down you have the other still working

      Or you can get a commercial 2 group Hand pull lever machine

      La Pavoni makes them