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  • Need Some Help.....

    Hi All

    Well I just bought my first machine, An Expobar 2 Group Megacrem. Its sitting on the table right now around the corner from where Im sitting, and I keep finding myself peering around the corner looking at it and smiling, its exciting!

    Anyway the question I have for you all is: I want to suck water out of a Jerry Can, I would like to know what equipment I would need to perform this? I have read a few posts but it all got a little confusing when different pumps were mentioned and how many you needed exactly. If anyone could provide a step by step instruction manual haha, and a point form of equipment needed that would be awesome.

    Look forward to replies, thankyou thankyou.

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    Re: Need Some Help.....

    Hi whitie
    if yours has a pump same as most commercials, you just need to have the inlet hose stuck into the jerrycan! Thats a procon pump. Maybe you could check inside for brand.
    Other coffeesnobs may know if the Expobar has a procon

    PS see

    this says yes but maybe not forever


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      Re: Need Some Help.....

      bit OT but it seems like you might need to get you hands on some gouphead gaskets. those handles have swung pretty far round and should be stopping at around 5 or 6 oclock, but nice pickup for home!


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        Re: Need Some Help.....

        You also need some new group head seals as they are very worn. The group handles should stick out at about 90 degrees from the machine. Not exactly sure if it is a procon, it isnt badged as such but could just be rebadged.


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          Re: Need Some Help.....

          Doesnt much matter whether its a procon or a fluid-o-tech pump, its the type of pump thats important - rotary vane versus vibe pump.

          Expobars (like most commercial machines) use rotary vane pump and for Expobars these pumps are internal. Some machines (like San Marino, Rancilio, Wega, Astoria, etc.) use an external pump.

          You should have a water filter in the circuit, or pre-filter your water into the jerry can beforehand - a decision you will need to make for the ongoing use of the machine.

          If you choose to put a water filter in the line, the poor old rotary vane pump will not easily suck water if the jerry can is on the other side of the filter, thus you will need some sort of active water pressure pushing up into the inlet of the water filter.

          There are some posts in the last couple of weeks on plumbing arrangements discussing how its done, but basically you need to source a 12V/24V marine/caravan water pump and transformer. The Shurflo pumps are pretty much bullet-proof and can run dry without damage.

          So, decide whether you want to run a filter (recommended) or pre-filter your water beforehand. If you run a filter, grab yourself a water pump (Marine/Caravan supplies) and 12V 5A transformer (Jaycar) and have this pump supply the water pressure up to the inlet of the water filter, then plug your Expobar straight into the outlet side of the water filter. Dont forget the 350KpA pressure limiting valve.

          It sounds complicated but its not, just like hooking up water tanks and garden hoses at home (making sure there are no leaks).

          To try out the machine, just filter some water and put it in a clean bucket and dangle the hose down - itll work fine.

          Personally, im not a big fan of running machines long-term without any active water pressure as it may lead to a shorter lifespan of the pump and motor - although I dont have any solid technical information/facts that proves this theory.