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NS 3gp Premier V rebuild and maintenance

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  • NS 3gp Premier V rebuild and maintenance

    Hello all!

    New to the forum, and new to espresso machines. Looking for a bit of advice. Im planning on opening a cafe/lounge and its going to be more of an upscale place focusing on beverages. I never want to hear "this is ok", that is unacceptable to me and i want to do everything i can to make sure that never happens. My budget is limited but im making it work, Part of this is this machine that i have purchased. A 1997 NS 3gp Premier V, overkill for what my expected volume will be but its better to have too much then too little. In order to meet my quality goal i want to have a very intimate knowledge of the machine so im opting to do a rebuild on it. From what i understand it has not been used much and has been in storage for over a year.

    From the reading ive done i hear about a citric acid bath on the boilers, but will this be wise to do on the lines and groupheads as well? What other steps can i do to ensure consistency and reliability in the machine before i begin to tune? Thanks to anyone that can chime in with good information.


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    Re: NS 3gp Premier V rebuild and maintenance




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      Re: NS 3gp Premier V rebuild and maintenance

      Welcome to CS.

      Hehehe "....From what i understand it has not been used much and has been in storage for over a year...." That;s what they always say!

      Its old, and you are expecting it to support a new business venture. Best advice for that is to take it to a NS service agent and have them run up and bench test and service as necessary. Spend money.


      If it aint broke dont fix it.

      Step one: Make sure all bits are with the machine. It should have 4 complete group handles. The pump for this machine should from memory be internal.

      Step two: take top off machine and look inside, see that all electricals and water pipes etc seem to be as they should be ie intact and not obviously interferred with, disconnected, eaten by mice etc etc etc.

      Dont fiddle with the electrics. If all is good replace top.

      Step three connect to water as required.

      For testing purposes you dont *need* a water filter in the line, just connect to a top cock through a 350 kPa water pressure limiting valve.

      Step four: If satisfied all looks as though it has not been intereferred with, plug in to to 25 / 30amp electrical socket, switch on and see what happens.

      Allow to go to operating pressure (if it will), and if it does, test all functions!

      On a machine this age, left sitting for a while, first thing to note is if the pump works (or has seized).

      Pull water from boiler and groups, see what its like.

      Flush, and rectify whatever needs rectifying.

      If you are lucky all will work!

      If after all that you really must know if it has significant amounts of scale in, speak to Nuova Simonelli service agent / importer.

      If there are problems, take it to the Simonelly service agent importer and let them quote you for a fix.

      Repeating....dont touch electrics, leave them to properly qualified people and if you do not have a 25/30 amp electrical socket to plug into, go back to above re taking to a NS service agent to run up for you.

      Hope this helps.

      Very first CS site sponsor.


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        Re: NS 3gp Premier V rebuild and maintenance

        Thank you very much for your reply. I will try to get some images up on my domain to show you the internals of it. Unfortunately i live on an island that has no NS personnel or any espresso machine techs at all for that matter. I am very good with electronics and that is my current business. I tinker with everything i have.

        Im not afraid of ripping something apart and having to put it back together, its actually my specialty. I will take your advice on not tearing it apart to begin with. It only has 1 double portafilter and i will need to purchase a few more. Normally people carry 2 of each type? 2 singles and 2 doubles?

        Also i would like to get a naked portafilter to tune with and to make a testing type device. I can have the bottom of a portafilter machined off to make it naked then i can purchase 2 back flush filters, 1 to backflush and 1 to use for mounting the testing equipment. i.e. pressure gauge, needle valve, and thermometer. The walls are thin from what i can tell on those filters so i will need to braze them in from what i can tell. My motivation is the horrible caps and espressos that people here are forced to buy because nobody takes any pride in what they are making. I had one yesterday and i almost threw it out.....


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          Re: NS 3gp Premier V rebuild and maintenance


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            Re: NS 3gp Premier V rebuild and maintenance

            Tony, from the pics this machine looks brand new... All i would do is plug it in and run some De-scale solution tthrough it a couple of times. IMO It doesnt looke even close to needing a rebuild.


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              Re: NS 3gp Premier V rebuild and maintenance

              Have to respectfully disagree.

              Do not go anywhere near the thing with anything to do with any solutions designed to descale or do anything else.

              Scale blocks things up. It wont do anything else and doesnt affect flavour in any way I know of. It only becomes significant when it gets to a point where it blocks up the works.

              First step switch on and test. If all functions work fine, water flows everywhere as it should, and solenoid valves are not blocked no need to go any further other than fit up with a water softener or anti scale water filter and do service if necessary wherever.

              If in any case if you wish to check the build up of scale deposits, one of the bungs on the top of the groups "should" give access to the water jacket.

              There will be some scale, but what is that going to prove on a 13 year old machine, if all flows and works properly?



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                Re: NS 3gp Premier V rebuild and maintenance

                Prior to turning it on you might want to consider taking the pump off and just checking it is turning freely. It s simple job on most machines.

                I have found with machines that have been sitting often the pump is seized or stiff, turning the machine on could inflict more damage by it trying to spin the pump.

                I remove them and just turn them a bit to see how it feels, if stiff or stuck i lubricate / soak  the internals.

                Last week i looked at a pump where it seemed fully seized. After soaking in WD40, olive oil, and a bit of descale it started to free up
                and i discovered the ball race in the pump was completely stuffed. I have since cleaned the bearing "holder" bits of metal out leaving the bearings in and it surprisingly is working quite well and quietly. Of course i dont consider it a real "usable" pump but a handy spare part if needed.....

                I cant see the pump in the pics but am hoping its under the black control box on the left hand side ?

                I would also drain the boiler and manually refill by removing the  the anitvac or overpressure valve. I use a bucket and a funnel, this takes the stress off the pump of trying to fill the machine from dry. I would fill to i know the elements are covered with water and maybe even lower the water probe a bit for the start of testing. (or at lest ensure the probe is in a reasonable depth and not to "full")

                some machines have an option to fill without the pump electronically via a solidnoid, my concern by doing this in a dry boiler is that the element may turn on while dry. i dont want that to happen so i just make sure its got clean water in there.....

                you could also run a multimeter across the elements (power OFF!!) to see that they are showing resistance and not earthing or anything weird

                Like the others have said, wait on the descael / clean as it looks in great condition, confirm it wants to work prior to major surgery. In all if you disregard the electronics they are pretty simple machines to look at if you be smart consider how they work and think of the issues before you start taking bits off you will get it going in no time.

                I admit i am not a qualified coffee technician, this is not qualified advice and you should at all times consider your safety and others. i always remove the power cord from the wall before any work is done....

                let us know who it goes