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Brazzera B2000 Help please !

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  • Brazzera B2000 Help please !

    I am in the US and bought the machine on e-bay used , the seller told me that the Machine heated up and steamed on both sides and had a new motor installed , i recieved the machine and it looks like brand new we wired it up and plugged up to waterline, turned the machine on it filled up with water, everything works but it will not heat up, and the pressure valve on top of the water tank is leaking. has anybody got some suggestions to troubleshoot and find out whats broken ? since i am in the US and those machines are normaly only sold to the UK and Australia all the parts i have to buy come from overseas.Please somebody help me figure the problem out. Thanks Andy.

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    Re: Brazzera B2000 Help please !


    Looks to me that machine is over filling, thats why water is coming out from the valve on the top of the boiler.

    Clean the level regulator and try to empty the boiler a bit. Check with your multimeter your heating element.

    Mr. Orlando Acevedo is an old friend of my, he is the distributor of Bezzera in Florida, he may help you with parts. Enclose website link.

    You will find all the diagrams of this machine in here:

    Good luck.

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      Re: Brazzera B2000 Help please !

      Thanks Renzo I will call Mr. Orlando Acevedo tomorrow .