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La Cimbali M29 Select HELP PLEASE

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  • La Cimbali M29 Select HELP PLEASE

    Hi, this is the first time Ive bought a coffee machine...  So I have no idea to hook it up, etc...  Ive been googling like hell, but Ive come to the conclusion that there is no existing operators manual, or anything of the sort....

    Could someone PLEASE help me?  [Once again it is a La Cimbali M29 Select]

    I need detailed instructions on how to get the machine working, and also instructions for the maintenance.

    And if theres anything I should know about the machine ....

    (pictures would be nice w/ directions... but even w/o is good because youd be taking the time to help me >.&lt

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    Re: La Cimbali M29 Select HELP PLEASE

    Welcome to Coffee Snobs ChoiChoi.

    You should appreciate that instructions via a forum would be difficult if not impossible as its not the same as being there and seeing whats going on.

    Secondly it would be good if you could give us some background on the purchase and your experience.
    Im personally curious as to why the seller is not helping you with installation.
    I suppose you must have bought it second hand.

    Do you have any plumbing or electrical qualifications?
    Do you know if the machine is rated 10 or 15 Amps?
    Will this be for home use or the office or a cafe?
    Did you see it working before you bought it?

    Im sure there will be more questions.


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      Re: La Cimbali M29 Select HELP PLEASE

      To hook it up, plug it into a correctly rated powerpoint, put the water line in a bucket of water and the waste water line into an empty bucket. Switch it on and hope nothing blows

      I dont mean to offend but you dont seem like youve got the skills to be diagnosing things yourself, there is a real possibility of hurting yourself very badly when playing with high powered electrics. Get it checked out by a coffee machine tech


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        Re: La Cimbali M29 Select HELP PLEASE

        Originally posted by 1B3F25353E37560 link=1313889778/2#2 date=1313989083
        put the water line in a bucket of water
        Every Cimbali manual Ive seen states that the machine must be hooked up to a pressurized water source. Their pumps are not rated for pulling water out of a bucket. They can do it but my local Cimbali dealer has told me doing so will wear the pump out faster.

        Java "Still digging his Cimbali" phile
        Toys! I must have new toys!!!


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          Re: La Cimbali M29 Select HELP PLEASE

          Hi Javaphile,

          there is to many urban myths out there on pumps that make the storing of coffee ones pale 

          If a vane pump (Procon or similar) has fluid in the body they are and will happily pull water from under the bench in particular if you fit a non return valve at the container. Unless your approaching NPSH issues (eg 25+ foot vertical suction lifts or similar issues) then the only additional load the pump sees is the higher pressure required to make the 9bar shots instead of say the 6 bar differential if you have a 3 bar pressurised supply.

          Any additional wear caused by this wil be minimal as the rotations required wont change appreciably and these pumps are rated to 17 bar+ when new so they have plenty up their sleeves.