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  • Suggestion Coffee Machine

    Hi everyone or CSers,
    I am just a newbie here so please hang on with me....
    I have several questions regarding a coffee machine that I want to buy for my new cafe later. I did my homework by doing quick research of coffee machine and my choice down to La San Marco 2 groups type either 80 or 85 based on the design (it looks good IMO), maintenance and service support, automatic(in term of the hot water for espresso) and decent machine. However, I am still not sure if its the right choice because it is quite pricey about 6k (is that right?).
    As the background, I am not a pro barista since I just learned and therefore, I need a coffee machine that is a friendly user (in operational and maintenance) in the beginning so that I can practice first before I can start trading for my cafe. It will be very bad to serve customers or anybody with my first cup of cappuccino :P
    Secondly, I predicted that I might do about 5-10 kg per week ( I believe it is a small number though) so that I need a coffee machine who can bear with it with 11 hours operational per day and 5 days trading.
    So, I am really looking for a coffee machine which is really reliable and efficient and of course, good value (in term of cost). As my questions:
    1. Should I still go with La San Marco (Its still in the budget but if there is any other good and decent coffee machine and cheaper it would be great so that I can allocate my budget)
    2. What will be a good comparison for La San Marco type 80/85 that I might need to consider?
    Please any suggestions or opinions would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you very much

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    Re: Suggestion Coffee Machine

    Welcome to CS, Redz.

    Speaking as an experienced barista, who currently works five days a week in a busy cafe that puts out between 10 to 15 kilos a week (which is a lot for a outback rural town), I think that 6 grand is far from pricey for a decent coffee machine. To me, pricey would be up around the 20 grand mark.

    Do yourself a favour and have a look at the Expobars, from everything I know, the San Marcos tend to run a bit too hot and this will just contribute to you doing what everyone else does and that is bad coffee...

    If you are truly interested in making great coffee and not just a quick buck...stick around here as i am sure you can learn quite a lot!


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      Re: Suggestion Coffee Machine

      Hi Scoota Gal,
      Thank you for your response, I really appreciate it
      I do really interested in making great coffee and it is really fun...
      I will have a look at expobars


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        Re: Suggestion Coffee Machine

        Yes and if you buy a La San Marco or an Expobar or for that matter any other brand / model and turn out to be the only owner of said brand / model machine for a couple of hundred ks then how is that going to help you when you need some service backup some time in the future?

        Suggest that outfitting a cafe is not quite like picking a brand / model machine out of a catalogue ( as in off a computer screen), and you could instead think on who in your local area sells espresso machines. Visit them and see if you can buy something that can be looked after locally. And yes machines that are known to run hot are not highly recommended in this market but a good equipment agent may well take care of that at the pre delivery service stage of the transaction. Only you and the service agent will be privy to that by way of private discussions and there is no way that retail end users in public forums can know what any equipment agent can or cant do for you in your area.

        So rather than looking at brand / model machines, I think you should be looking to see who best can look after you in your locality. .

        Hope that helps.

        very first CS site sponsor.


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          Re: Suggestion Coffee Machine

          Agree with attilio with the proviso that the service is actually there. I had a bad experience with service from a local seller, I was better served by going out of town as the service was better. Service is everything when you buy a machine.



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            Re: Suggestion Coffee Machine

            Hi Fresh Coffee,
            Thank you for the response. Other reason that my choice on San Marco because I visited their store in alexandria, sydney where it is not far away from my cafe later at matraville, therefore, I was thinking that it would be easier to me regarding it maintenance. Do you mind to explain more or elaborate more about this machine tends to run hot? Is it the steaming system or brewing for espresso or else? so that, I might talk to the agent later and solve the problem (hopefully) if Im still going with san marco
            The other brand comes out in my mind is Wega which is around here and easy to reach. However, Im not pretty sure which type I should with my current prediction. Maybe somebody can "help" me


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              Re: Suggestion Coffee Machine

              Hi Brett,
              Thanks you for the input
              Ill put in my mind for sure


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                Re: Suggestion Coffee Machine

                Originally posted by 17233422390E123E37373434510 link=1315134914/3#3 date=1315184020
                Yes and if you buy a La San Marco or an Expobar or for that matter any other brand / model and turn out to be the only owner of said brand / model machine for a couple of hundred ks then how is that going to help you when you need some service backup some time in the future?

                Im going to say something about this comment, Attilio because I can actually speak from experience here.

                We are 580 kilometres from Sydney, 1170 kms from Melbourne, 611 kms from Brisbane.

                It would not matter which machine we bought. There is NO one to service it within a reasonable distance. Not ONE service person for any brand of machine...

                Seriously, you could live 200 kms from a service agent and still they would not come to us.

                If you are any great distance from any major centre that has a coffee machine service agent, then the reality is harsh in that it is up to the owner to get the machine to the service person. Or, you learn to service it yourself and source any parts from hopefully someone who is helpful enough to go so far as to give instructions over the phone. Its just how it is living in a rural area as we do.

                So, in light of that, it did not make one iota of difference to us in making a choice of which machine. Because, regardless, we will eventually end up being the ones to service it. With hopefully, the assistance of Expobar, who to date have been good to deal with.

                I note too, that Expobar never said "Oh, were not going to sell you a machine because you are too far away from Melbourne!"

                Really, I think that saying that you have to buy a certain brand of machine based on the service you are going to get is a bit of a red herring.

                I have had a Chevrolet for 11 years and the Ducati for nearly the same length of time. No one out here services them, except for me. If I need more than an oil change, I take the Chevy to my fave mechanics in Sydney and the Ducati from where we bought her in Noosa. (which incidently is 747km away).

                I know, you cant be out of a machine when running a cafe but the reality, again is, if you are in a rural area and your machine breaks down, then you will wont be making coffee no matter how you are getting it fixed.

                Oh and incidently, we are 720km from Canberra... ;D


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                  Re: Suggestion Coffee Machine

                  Hey again CSers,
                  The one that people said tend to be hot is San Marino, I read it from this
                  I think I would still go for LSM 80 series in term of easiness to contact with direct supplier and maintenance. Ive given an offer for about 6k with mazzer jolly grinder or 7k with mazzer kony, do you think its a decent package price?? Need some enlightenment from experienced people.
                  And also if anyone who has experience with this machine would like to share some advice to this newbie it would be very very great....
                  thanks a lot


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                    Re: Suggestion Coffee Machine

                    Hello Scoota,

                    As youve described, if no-one can service your machine in your area, then youre essentially on your own.

                    Thankfully, this shouldnt be an issue for the OP given his location.

                    If I can rephrase my original post a little, my advice is to look beyond brand names and consider the service relationship as part of the package. Also, it may be a mistake to rule any brand out because of a "known issue" that *may* be easily fixed by a capable agent.

                    There may of course be exceptions, but except for "remote" locations you will find very few cafe owners doing any servicing for themselves and in fact, my experience is that as  group they are heavily reliant on available service, and I am assuming that someone new to the cafe industry (such as Red seems to be), will be relying on all the help they can get.