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Minimum Water Requirements for a Concession Trailer

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  • Minimum Water Requirements for a Concession Trailer

    My question is in regards to the minimum water storage requirements for a concession trailer. At present I am in the process of building a concession trailer which will sell coffee at fairs, markets and festivals. I am considering installing 2 x 100 Litre tanks - 1 being for water supply and the other for wastage.

    Do you think a 100 Litre water tank will be sufficient for making coffees over the course of a day.

    Is there a way of calculating what is the water requirements per 1 Kg of coffee beans

    Has anyone every calculated how much water one uses per X amount of coffees.

    Your input would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: Minimum Water Requirements for a Concession Trailer

    It depends on what coffees you are making and also cleanup, hand washing needs.

    With a spread of coffees I use 100-120ml of water on average this includes rinsing jugs and general tidying of the the machine during the day. This doesnt include final cleaning and washing at the end of the day.

    Where I am operating from cleanup and hand washing facilities are available on the property. You may also find you will require 2 seperate sinks and hot running water in one or both depending on your local council requirements.

    Coffees/kg depends on if you want to make good coffees or weak milky swill for the masses


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      Re: Minimum Water Requirements for a Concession Trailer

      I ran a coffeevan for a while. Two 25 litre containers for water supply. That sometimes ran out. So Id say 100 liters be a safer option. Why not go with a 150 liters water tank and a 50 liter wastage tank though?

      Most your water will go towards the shots you pull so a 1 to 3 ratio should be more than sufficient.


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        Re: Minimum Water Requirements for a Concession Trailer

        Id go even further on the ratio, in my experience a 20 litre drain container would be plenty for a days work without risk of overfilling. Just use a plastic jerrycan style bottle as the waste, makes it easy to remove and empty, rather than having to park the trailer where you can run a hose from the waste tank to a drain, or draining the waste tank intro a bottle and then walking over to a drain.
        It can be easier to just use a bunch of similar containers for water supply, fit a non-return valve with a light spring pressure to the end of the pickup hose (so the line stays full of water) and just pull the hose out of a container when it runs low and dunk in the next one. Then when you have a quiet moment you can go and refill the empty container.


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          Re: Minimum Water Requirements for a Concession Trailer

          100l is a big day, always best to have more than less. Nothing more frustrating than trying to fill up with a big lineup. Waste water is much less of an issue.