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faema id and price

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  • faema id and price

    looking at a faema setup from a local shop.  they are asking 1000 bucks for it. not sure if its worth that since i think i paid about 100 bucks for my faema due but it didnt work either. THe lady said this one was only used for a few months

    im unsure what model the machine is, i got that its an express but that didnt get me much, hoping to get some more info. I

    it also comes with a faema grinder, bonus.

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    Re: faema id and price

    Hmm thats an ancient machine, decades old probably, and bloody massive for a single group! I would steer clear of it for a few reasons, unless theyll let it go for less than half what theyre asking.

    PS pm me if you wanna sell me your broken faema, i wouldnt mind another coffee machine project


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      Re: faema id and price

      Im guessing Stuart is in the USA. I agree, I would not touch it, certainly not for $1K in a country where you can get a quality machine like a PID Lelit PL041 for $549.


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        Re: faema id and price

        Originally posted by 3233392A34312B580 link=1320496204/2#2 date=1320531200
        Im guessing Stuart is in the USA.
        I would guess Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada.

        From Stuartms profile: Location: Saint John. NB.

        Java "The devil is in the details!" phile
        Toys! I must have new toys!!!


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          Re: faema id and price

          not a bad machine actually, was the last of the star express models before it was renamed the E97, looks to be in good nick and very complete, not much wear on group be cleanliness of chrome work, but do agree that 1k is full retail, but with the grinder and ass, maybe 750 if she runs it up and shows it all working