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  • Vibiemme Kometa Elettronica

    I just picked up this machine as a replacement for a Gaggia Classic that was ageing.  There is very little information our there apart from basic specs.  Ive emailed the company and the Australian distributer (previous and current) but havent gotten a response yet.

    Does anyone have a manual?  Schematics?  Ive figured it out enough to make a great coffee, but there are some buttons Im not sure of.  For instance the "on" button has 3 settings, ON, OFF and what?

    The procon pump doesnt like drawing water from a container on the ground but seems happy at the same level as the machine.

    Apart from that, not surprises - Ive only made 5 coffees with it but already Im making a better coffee than on the Gaggia.


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    Re: Vibiemme Kometa Elettronica

    saw that one on e-bay, nice pickup.

    The third position is usually everything on except the element, so you can fill the boiler without the element burning out for instance.

    As for schematics, its probably just about identical to most other e61 commercial machines out there! And for a manual... its probably not got anything useful in there, unless theres some funny way of programming the volumetrics. But theres probably someone on here who knows how to program a vbm anyway. My guess is just press and hold the continuous flow button until the others flash.


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      Re: Vibiemme Kometa Elettronica

      I was very happy with the purchase. Opening bid was $800 - not unreasonable in my opinion but out of my budget. I sent a really nice email offering $500 if no one bid and they just wanted it gone this weekend. Someone else offered them more so they said if they didnt come to pick it up it was mine the next morning. And lucky for me that buyer disappeared.

      Things I would like to know:
      How do I program it?
      What procedure to prime it? (if I had moved it and set it up again, what would I need to do to ensure the boiler is full).
      How do I drain the boiler?
      How to I back-flush it?
      And whatever other maintenance procedures should be done at regular intervals.
      If I have the water tank at the same height or higher than the machine, should I add a primer or anything else to help the pump along at startup?

      My next steps will be insulating the boiler, getting a permanent water tank in place that is easy to refill, and figuring out filtering. There was a water softener tank capsule that came with it that I havent taken out of my boot yet.


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        Re: Vibiemme Kometa Elettronica

        Wow 500$ is a very good buy!

        To program, try pressing and holding the bottom right button on the touch pad.

        If you ever drain the boiler, when you turn the machine back on, put the switch to the 1 position (or whatever the third position is thats not on or off), let the boiler fill and then when its full turn the machine to 2 (or full on).

        Draining the boiler is most likely through a drain plug at the bottom of the boiler. Or there might be a little valve that you can open to drain the boiler into the drip tray.

        For backflushing, do a search here on on google.

        If the pump is getting water to the boiler, theres no need to add anything else. However, once you add a filter, the pump might struggle to suck through it. If youre running from a tank, its also not a bad idea to put a one way valve at the pick-up end of the hose. Good water filtration is easier than descaling a commercial machine.


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          Re: Vibiemme Kometa Elettronica

          hmm..... The pump stalled today. My wife tried to make a few coffees but said that no water was coming through.

          The pump was working, but not pumping. I turned it off ang got worried. Tried holding the container of water really high to get more positive pressure. In the end tapping the pump a few time helped it get a grip.

          Is this expected behaviour for procom pumps which arent designed to pull water from a pump? Should I give up on having it portable? Or add a primer that gets a few pumps ever time we start the machine?


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            Re: Vibiemme Kometa Elettronica

            take the pump off (just take the clip off which holds it onto the motor and slide it off) and soak it in citric acid overnight a couple of times to descale it.


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              Re: Vibiemme Kometa Elettronica

              Generally if the pump is sticking, most probably the bearings are seizing either from sitting idle or from water leaking back into them. Try a one way valve on the water line, generally this will stop any air locks and aid in preventing a dry pump. Soaking probably wont do much as its very rare for scale to build in a pump due to there only being cold water through it. If there are no signs or water leakage on pump hole, try some silicone spray to give the bearings some help. Another option that is common is to let the pump run dry for about 30 sec to heat up and free the grease up in it.
              Cheers Gio


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                Re: Vibiemme Kometa Elettronica

                Thanks guys.
                Im pretty sure its just an airlock. Ill look into a one-way valve. Are they common enough to pick up at bunnings?

                To fix it in the future, and because its portable and I dont want to add another pump etc... I was thinking of adding a bike tube valve to my tank, and when it gets an air lock tightening the lid, chucking on a bike pump, and increasing the air pressure until it force water through. Anyone done anything like this? Initially I wanted a handpump (primer) like you see on a petrol tank for a boat, but in my internet searching didnt find anything that I could easily add.