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    Im having trouble, have no support for cimbali machines in town so I want to ask advice. I have la cimbali m29 basic and I have problems with water pressure. Hot water and steam are working fine, but coffe groups are almost without water. Machine is just connected and new, but water pressure from filter is low, could it be problem?

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    Re: la cimbali m29 help

    Originally posted by 7675272F170 link=1332399978/0#0 date=1332399978
    water pressure from filter is low, could it be problem?
    In a word, yes! Commercial machines, especially larger ones, require a minimum input water pressure. If you bought this new then your manual should detail what that is for your particular machine.

    While this may sound silly Ive seen it happen on a number of occasions. Make sure all the valves in the water supply line/system are fully open! Including the one(s) on/around the filter. Double check in the filters manual which direction is open.

    If all the valves are open and you have the minimum pressure required going into the machine then it would be time to look at adjusting the pumps output pressure.

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      Re: la cimbali m29 help

      The mains pressure should be sufficient to pour water from the groups even without the aid of the pump, ie. about 3 bar when idle and 9 bar when the pump runs. Does the pump sound loud? If so definitely problem is in your water line before the machine, but it could also be a restriction at the groups. You should be able to tell by observing the gauge where the problem is. If the gauge shows good pressure but poor flow, its internal, if gauge shows poor pressure and pump runs rough, external.


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        Re: la cimbali m29 help

        Solved problem.
        It was water bubble in machine pump