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Expobar MegaCrem compact 2grp on generator

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  • Expobar MegaCrem compact 2grp on generator

    Hellow all! Long time listener first time caller...

    Ive recently upgraded to an Expobar megacrem compact  2 grp for my mobile coffee van. Previous machine was a no-name 1 grp on lease from an unnamed coffee supplier Thought it was about time to get serious! Anyways our van runs off a small 3kvA honda eu30 genset (machine, grinder, blender though very rarely all at once).
    So the megacrem is a dream (off mains power), but when hooked up to the genny the boiler pressure suddenly goes thru the roof and overfills, spilling water underneath. I know what youre thinking... maybe the 3kVA isnt enough juice- But while getting the gen serviced ( as I thought it must have just been running rough) we ran the megacrem off an even smaller 2kvA without any problems!
    I have no idea where to go from here... Having been to generator techs, expobar technician and back and forth from our dealer for months . Also, Ive tried running the megacrem from a brand new honda 3kvA (straight off the show room floor) with the same pressure spike & overflow result.
    Any help or ideas please throw them at me Im open to anything Thanks in advance guys

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    Re: Expobar MegaCrem compact 2grp on generator

    Odd. Have you tried running some sort of surge protection/UPS between the genset and the Megacreme?

    Would think that would remove some of the possible spikes, that you may be getting.

    Failing that, ummm... Nope, got me stumped, it might just be that particular genset? Perhaps its just grumpy/temperamental and you should perhaps look into something other then the one youre currently using


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      Re: Expobar MegaCrem compact 2grp on generator

      Hey l@f thanks for the reply. I havent tried using a surge protector no... Ill try that this week. You mean just a standard surge shield from Dick Smith or something?


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        Re: Expobar MegaCrem compact 2grp on generator

        Strange problem!  In essence the p-stat works properly if the machine is on mains or a 2 KVA generator but not on your 3 KVA generator?  Weird.
        - Does this happen every single time you turn the machine on when running on the 3 KVA gen?
        - Does the p-stat function perfectly (cycles on when steam valve opened and off after pressure returns to set point) when on mains? 
        - Is the plug and cable from the 3 KVA gen wired correctly? 
        - Is the wiring in the machine correct? 
        - Have you tried Disave/Expobar?  Those guys are very experienced with these kind of weird problems.



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          Re: Expobar MegaCrem compact 2grp on generator

          I would be contacting Dean or Paul at Disave direct.

          I had a similar problem, turner out to be a key pad. My understanding the "brain" is in the control pad itself. I would say the gen. you are using is creating electrical issues that affect the boiler auto fill.

          Just my 2c. Disave will fix your issues.



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            Re: Expobar MegaCrem compact 2grp on generator

            So following on from Martins experience,  when the boiler "over pressures", is it hot or cold? 
            If it is over filling then you should get water out of the steam wand as opposed to steam and it should be cold because the boiler pressure will equal mains water pressure which will most likely be above 1.5 bar and that should cause the p-stat contacts to open which will prevent heating.


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              Re: Expobar MegaCrem compact 2grp on generator

              Hi Tyler,

              It sounds like what youre describing is the auto-fill mechanism is not detecting the high water point and cutting off the pump to the boiler fill.

              This auto-fill uses an electrical short to basically detect when the water touches a probe in the boiler. I am no eletrician, but am guessing your generator/mobile van set up is not wired correctly.

              I would recommend getting an electrician to check it out for two reasons:
              Firstly, to fix your problem, but secondly, you could be puttng yourself in huge danger if theres no earth leakage. Given the van is on rubber tires, its completely insulated from earth, meaning if theres ever an electrical fault, you could become the earth leakage, which is bad news.


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                Re: Expobar MegaCrem compact 2grp on generator

                Cheers for all the responses guys. I tried using a cheap surge protector and first go the auto-fill shut off perfectly without over filling. Sice fitting the Megacrem has been running as well as it does off mains. How good! A bit annoyed that the gen could be surging given the honda is well looked after and not old... but grateful to have finally found a solution. Acog thanks for the heads up regarding the potential earthing porblems, turns out the earth was faulty so very appreciative that nothing serious happened in the meantime. Thanks again to all youve been very helpful, cheers