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San Marino Divina Restoration

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  • San Marino Divina Restoration

    I purchased this beautiful machine knowing literally nothing about it, but with hopes and dreams of either rebuilding it and tweaking it to perfection.  I will either use it in a future cafe, or home use, or maybe sell later.

    Im completely unable to find any information on this model, its not a lisa and its not a divina.. I have a sticker that says its a Celeste but again there is no record of a Celeste that I can find.

    The machine is complete in everyway and apparently working.  I havnt tested it as it has a 10am plug on clearly 15 or more amp wiring, and the plate states 6000watts.  I will rebuild it as best as I can, get it into working condition then have it tested and taged and plug rewired as needed.

    I have ambitions to fix the high temperatures San Marinos have, however this machine doesnt have the grouphead bolted directly to the boiler like the impression I was given or these machines.  I also would like to know how the grouphead works... here is the picture of it, can someone explain it?

    I will repaint the frame, or even if  I get adventurous enough, build my own frame.  I am likely not skilled enough to build my own frame, so a nice new paint job will start its new life.

    Does this motor look it well enough condition?  Would it be something that is easy enough to rebuild?

    This is the machine in various stages of disassembly, fairly good condition on a machine of unknown age.

    If anyone has a PDF manual or any information of this machine please feel free to come forward!


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    Re: San Marino Unknown Model Rebuild

    Celeste, pronounced Che-le-steh (not "selest" a-la french pronunciation)= Italian for the colour Blue. Its the body colour. Its a Divina.

    Owner booklets dont tell you anything besides possibly how to hook it up to the mains, and how to programme the touch buttons. Also on a machine that age, it may run through how to periodically regenerate the water softener (which undoubtedly wont be with the machine now anyway).

    After that you are still on your own so dont be concerned if you cant turn up the booklet....they are the first thing everyone throws out.

    From a commercial workshop point of view, not tweakable, but from a private project point of never know how many hours you could while away over a few beers getting no where but it doesnt matter  . However if you dont know anything about electrics....dont touch it anyway.

    My best advice, dont spend any money on it and pass it on to someone else.

    Hope that helps.


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      Re: San Marino Unknown Model Rebuild

      This is the scale build up in the boiler.

      Im purchasing a large 32ltr tub and will let this be submerged for a time? Im at your guidance as to the best method of removing the scale.

      I cant remove the end of the boiler until this is done as the bolts are too badly scaled, but I will be removing them to make sure I can get all the scale out.

      I am a little worried about reassembling the mess of copper but its not as many pieces as I thought it would be.
      But it looks like a new preasure safety valve might be in order.


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        Re: San Marino Unknown Model Rebuild

        Really not worried about the electrics, they seem fine.

        I would much rather take this project one, Im glad you have faith...

        Some more informative posts would be appreciated. (no offence)


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          Re: San Marino Unknown Model Rebuild

          If you are referring to my post, no offence taken, but please note I too am not worried by the electrics, I am worried about the real life safety of people fiddling with electrics if they dont have the expertise or qualifications

          If you submerge that boiler (or any parts) to disolve scale in some kind of solution you will weaken the boiler and all the unions brazed into it. I wouldnt do it.

          Just scrape out the loose scale and leave the rest alone. Scale in the boiler doesnt do anything except occupy a bit of real estate. leave it alone, and it wont bother you. Hook machine up to a properly conditioned water supply, and you dont need to worry about things like de-scaling, which in many cases will only end up causing grief.


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            Re: San Marino Unknown Model Rebuild

            I too am worried about electricity and lives, the only electrics I fidle with on this machine are documented plugs, I will be getting a sparky to redo the power lead. not to mention fit my house with the appropriate connection for it.

            I have smashed a fair bit of scale out of the boiler and I will leave it at that I guess.
            I am a little concerned about pieces being sucked into pipes and clogging them, or is the scale far to heavy to be moved around freely? I will fill then let it settle the first time I power the machine up.

            The majority of the work I have done is investigative. I have tried to understand the nature of the beast and see what is needed to get her working at her best.

            I have hope for this machine, at the very least I can run flushes to cool the group heads to make lovely coffee.


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              Re: San Marino Unknown Model Rebuild

              I have two different steam wands on this machine so I think I can get two new ones or at least another CMA original to match the machine.
              What I would really love though is a cool touch or similar from a Giotto. I really despise burning myself on the steam wands.. (europicola is the worst!)


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                Re: San Marino Unknown Model Rebuild

                Can an OP please change the title to "San Marino Divina Restoration" please.

                Ok so Ive had time to do a little more playing with my restoration.  Now Ive taken out the autofill probe to inspect it as Ive heard they can scale up and malfunction.  Mines a little worse off then that I think... Im fairly sure its just snapped in half.  Can someone please tell me by looking at the picture?  I know its supposed to be 120mm, is that 120mm from the fitting down or total length??

                Also this is the Over fill Safety Valve that seems to have seen a few over fills, which could mean the probe is damaged.  It is covered in what looks like baked on milk... but that cant be possible.. but that stuff its covered in is off white.
                This part seems to function fine, so Im leading to believe the probe has broken in this machine and thats why it was decommissioned.

                I get very excited every time I play with this machine, I really am struggling with the wait or getting it up and running.  I want to have pump machine espresso!  my La Pavoni just isnt any good for 4 people in one household...


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                  Re: San Marino Divina Restoration

                  Originally posted by 544550564D47240 link=1335161484/7#7 date=1338200637
                  Can an OP please change the title to "San Marino Divina Restoration" please.

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