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  • La Venezia

    Hi Im new to this forum, I have owned a couple of machines, mainly boema.
    But Im looking at a machine 2 group la Venezia , its about 6 years old, any feedback would be appreciated , what would it be worth and are they a good machine?
    I will post pics when I go and see it in a few days, just wanted some background on it before I went out to see it...

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    Re: La Venezia

    So no body has ever heard about these machines ?


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      Re: La Venezia

      Possibly a model name rather than a manufacturer name?????? Ask the vendor for more details eg what does it say on the compliance plate.

      Think on what you hope to achieve by buying this.

      Late model Bo_Emas work just fine in small to middle size cafes and for home use shouldnt give anyone cause for complaint in terms of quality of coffee. Spare parts and service are also readily available and they are very easy to work on. If you still have a Bo_Ema therefore, and it is relatively late model, you would need to ask yourself what it is you want to achieve by changing over especially if it is something that you are having trouble finding informatrion about.

      Hope that helps.


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        Re: La Venezia

        If you go to
        You can see the machines and who makes them.
        This is for home use not cafe, I sold my last boema about 8 months ago, and decided I wanted another machine, this one is being serviced by the guys who make it, thats why I have to wait , for when its ready. I think they had some sort of affiliation with boema in the early days....


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          Re: La Venezia

          ok Im with you now.....

          These machines have nothing to do with Bo_Ema.

          They are as far as I know imported by Cass from Spain, possibly borne out of the ashes of the defunct "La Rocca" brand / factory, or maybe just another of the many spanish manufacturers.

          Make sure it doesnt run overly hot, otherwise it will be fine for what you want to do.


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            Re: La Venezia

            Thanks heaps
            What do you think it would be worth its 6 years old and its been serviced.