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Faema E98 Compact S1 Questions

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  • Faema E98 Compact S1 Questions


    I just picked up a used Faema E98 S1 Compact and had a few questions.

    The owner of it previously had it in an office and it was apparently working, however it was put away in storage because of a renovation and then the owner decided to upgrade. Later on he tried turning it on and in his own words "nothing happened". I thought that this could have something to do with the machine not having water in it.

    I managed to pick it up at a good price and I was looking at getting it going, so I had a few questions.

    - The first step would be to get some water in it and turn it on. However from the threads I have read on this forum this machine seems to be older because the dial only has one setting where as the newer ones have two settings.

    So after I fill the tank up with water, should I turn the dial on the left (see picture) to setting 1 and press the black button next to it?

    Is this button supposed to click into place or remain suppressed when it is pressed or is it normal for it to come back out after it is pressed?

    I dont have any manuals so I need some help on start up procedures etc.

    - Also in the tank there seems to be some kind of water filters with softener beads inside the filter. I wanted to change this filter along with the shower screen, seals etc. Any ideas on whether the whole filter needs to be replaced or can I buy new beads?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Re: Faema E98 Compact S1 Questions

    You can request the manual over here;


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      Re: Faema E98 Compact S1 Questions

      I filled the tank with water and turned it on. It has pressure lots of steam, hot water tap works and water comes out of the group head when I turn the second dial.

      I still dont know what the black button does next to the first dial can anyone help?


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        Re: Faema E98 Compact S1 Questions

        Hi Adam

        Left knob is main switch, small button is boiler fill button, the right knob is brew switch. This machine looks to be a manual control version of mine.

        The in tank water softener can be recharged with salt, it explains it in the manual, but I just bought a few replacement ones from coffee-a-roma, they are smaller, only cost $7 each, and fit on the end of the hose like the original. I cut open the original out of curiosity and the beads were much smaller in diameter than in the ones I bought. You cant really open up and replace the beads in the original, as the body is all glued together.

        Seals and shower screen etc I bought from coffee parts, mine needed the tapered seal. I have found it to be a very easy machine to work on. You can easily remove the group collar to expose everything and give it all a good clean if it needs it.



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          Artman, slightly random question but just wondering which of the Coffeeparts grouphead gaskets was the correct version. I believe I've successfully concluded that the 700005 model is not correct...


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            The seal for the E98 group I bought is the conical one here under the cimbali section:

            Coffee Parts | CIMBALI coffee machine | group head conical gasket

            For some reason the group in the Faema section is not the E98 group in these machines. The diagrams displayed confirm the group configurations.



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              The bottom suppose to come back.