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is my procon pump adjustable?

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  • is my procon pump adjustable?

    Hi all,

    I’m  after some help to understand the pressure relief valve on my procon.
    I think it’s a series one.
    So far none of the exploded parts diagrams matches what I have on my machine.

    Has anybody seen one like this, and is the brew pressure adjustable?
    I have a brew pressure guage on a group handle, but it simply won’t work on this machine but it works fine on my other espresso machine, so that’s not a big help at all.

    Thanks for any help at all


    Edited to reduce the file size of the picture in consideration of our bandwidth challenged users. Please keep pictures to ~100kb in size.

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    Re: is my procon pump adjustable?


    I have worked on a lot of procon pumps that have the same set up as yours.
    Generally, the problems I have come across is scale build up which stops the plunger moveing or the O ring on the plunger wears out and starts to leak.
    Make sure its all clean, put it back together and see how it goes!
    Winding the screw in normally adjusts the pressure up.....


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      Re: is my procon pump adjustable?

      hey thanks so much
      yeah i had the feeling that screwing out would reduce brew pressure but it didnt seem to have a consistent effect. i am also assuming that the valve is getting stuck, there is some lime scale buildup and i think playing around so much now has buggered up the o-ring, hopefully i can just get the o-ring replaced from coffeeparts, coz now there is a tiny leak...

      thanks so much for your help


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        Re: is my procon pump adjustable?

        just to update, got my hands on the other adjusting style end cap from the guys at 9bar and i think im good to go now. couldve been the old spring, dunno.


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          is my procon pump adjustable?

          Any suggestions on priming this to work off a bucket? Have tried various things but no go. Have a one way check valve in place.


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            i know this is an old post but has anyone else had a procon releiv valve apart? i have one that appears to be missing the spring indicated in the ops post, just want to confirm if the order of parts in the pic is correct? i assume it is.