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Rocket Giotto Evoluzione troubleshooting

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  • Rocket Giotto Evoluzione troubleshooting

    Gday folks,

    a problem I have just noticed in the last probably 2 weeks with my giotto. My poison is a espresso, and I have noticed that the coffee i drink isnt at a hot tempreature, not talking about burning hot, but when you drink it, it tastes warm. Any suggestions what may have happened or what I am doing wrong. My way of making coffee has not changed.
    Any suggestions or comments will be appraciated.


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    Thanks for your interesting reply. I might rephrase the question then, has anyone had a problem with their machine where the coffee does not seem to be as hot any more?


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      Approx how long has the machine been on and what does the boiler guage read (left guage) before pulling the shot?


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        As Talk Coffee said, definitely more info required...

        What are you drinking? is it milk based or is it an espresso?

        Without knowing your actual situation, here are a few things you could try:
        1 - Warm your cups
        2 - If it's milk based, try steaming it for a little bit longer
        3 - leave your machine on for at least 30minutes (this way the cups get warm, and the whole machine builds up heat - eg group head, porta filter etc)


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          The OP does specifically mention it is "espresso"


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            talk coffee, sorry for wasting your time but I didnt realise my question was as hard as one you would find on who wants to be a millionair. I thought this forum was here to assist each other. But all good.
            special pants, thanks for that advise i will give it ago. Cheers


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              Are you sure you don't have "false pressure" in the boiler ?
              Open the steam valve and see how much the boiler pressure drops.
              If that is the case it will be holding a low boiler temperature despite the pressure gauge indicating OK.
              A cheap digital thermometer can be helpful for checking the group is up to temp ( 95-100C )
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