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  • Alex Duetto Mark III?

    Hi all,

    I'm a newbie on the forum, so would appreciate CSers insight into Alex Duetto II vs III. Having finally decided to take the plunge and kit myself out properly for home enjoyment, and just about decided on the Alex Duetto II, I come across a Mark III on the web? Doesn't seem to be much on CS about it. Have people heard of this? Any views how it compares to the II?

    That aside, a bit more advice by the experienced hands on this forum would also be much appreciated. Right now, I'm thinking of going with the Alex (II or III), plus a Mazzi grinder. At this point, I'm not a very experienced hand at operating home machinery when it comes to coffee, but I think I know good coffee when I taste it (ditto bad coffee)! The palate's pretty experienced and fairly discerning , the hands and the senses will need some training and practice, but that will come. So, my question is: should I go the whole way and get a roaster for home as well, or stick to the grind and the brew initially, and go the home roasting route only after I'm proficient with the Alex?

    Any advice and recommendations gratefully received.


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    Hi Aleksi,

    All current stock of the Alex Duetto II is V3.

    You are most welcome to call to discuss the machine or to be placed in contact with your closest reseller.




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      Originally posted by Aleksi View Post
      So, my question is: should I go the whole way and get a roaster for home as well, or stick to the grind and the brew initially, and go the home roasting route only after I'm proficient with the Alex?
      There is a point on the coffee learning curve where you realise just how many variables are involved! I would suggest that at first you minimise those variables by sticking to coffee freshly roasted by experts. Once you master your Alex (and you'll get lots of help with that here), you can then move onto roasting, which is an art in itself. By then you will be able to discern your roast quality from any failings in your technique.

      The whole thing is a rewarding hobby.


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        Ditto what dski said. Get your skills in the ballpark first, then try roasting later. You have the grind, dose, tamp, microfoam hurdles to jump over first There are so many different things to become proficient in you will have your hands full getting your technique up to scratch and somewhat repeatable... so leave the roasting for another day; at least until you get to the point where you prefer your coffee at home over 95% of the cafes you go to YMMV but that's what I'd recommend (and I have an Alex II).


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          Thanks everyone. The Alex and the Mazzi it is then. The roaster can come down the track. I'm going down to the shop tomorrow for a taste test, and all going well the adventure begins then. I must say the thought of preferring coffee at home over 95% of cafes I go to is making me drool already No doubt I'll be back to ask questions and get advice as I go ...


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            Hi Aleksi,
            Obviously buying from a reputable seller is the most important decision to make.
            I (like many others on this forum) have found Chris Natoli (TALK coffee) to be excellent. He is always happy to help and has good follow up
            I have an Alex (mark 3 - I bought from Chris last year) which is superb. Very consistent and excellent quality

            As to grinders - I previously owned a Mazzer mini but sold it as I found it too messy and I bought a Macap MD4 which I am very happy with . Everyone has a different idea on "the best one" but make sure you look around and discuss pros and cons with whoever you buy from
            Good luck
            Dr Dave


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              Again, I agree with the previous poster; Chris sold me the Alex and a Macap M4D, both of which I am very happy with. Chris provided good advice and I'm happy I took it. I've had no problems with either the Izzo or the Macap since I took delivery about 18 months ago. Now to pack both up and get 'em up to KL so I no longer have to endure the stuff they serve at San Francisco Coffee... The only choice I have in the immediate neighbourhood of my office.