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La scala Carmen a2 rescue!

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  • La scala Carmen a2 rescue!

    I just recently picked up a la scala Carmen a2 out of my brothers shed and am hoping to
    bring it back to life. It hasn't been switched on for four years so fingers crossed.
    Just wondering if there is anyone out there with a good understanding of the way this Machine should
    work and what are the right steps to get it up and running.
    This is the first machine I ever pulled a shot on and would love to have it working in my kitchen at home.

    So far I have managed to get the pump working and water filling up the boiler but it is not draining and it is not yet connected to power(still getting a 20amp line put in my kitchen)
    Should it drain well even without power?
    A little help would be great! Thnx

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    La Scala machines are imported by Novita Australia and they should be able to help you. Their phone number is 1800 650 363
    I think the guy to talk to there is Bruce - I have spoken with them about La Scala machines before.
    Hope that helps