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faema due pump not primeing

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  • faema due pump not primeing

    i recently changed out the pump in my due to a fluid 0 tech pump and its been working great ever sinice, i moved the machine out of my basement and up stairs, the new water line is hooked up but i cant get the machine to prime or fill. When the auto fill kicks in the pump just runs and the leval isint going up, ive tried a few differnt things to get any air out but nothing seams to work, also if i press the manual fill paddle nothing is happening.

    I even tried to get the machine to self draw from a bowl of water on the table but it would not self draw at all.

    is my new pump bad allready ?

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    fixed, the plumbing disconnect had some kind of flow restrictor in it so i had to change out the valve, all good now. Silly plumbers.