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Brew pressure problem on Portofino

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  • Brew pressure problem on Portofino

    Im restoring an old Brasilia Portofino from 2003. Ive managed to seal all the leaks and Ive descaled it.

    Now to the problem. The brew pressure is only 4 bar , even though I tried to adjust it on the pump it doesnt go higher. Ive descaled the pump , with no luck.
    Could be a problem with the manometer ? Because i get about 60ml from the portafilter on 10sec, which is a good flow rate or? Or could it be the pump that needs to be replaced?

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    it seems to be the pump. Rotary pumps need often to be replaced when standing long time without work. 60ml on 10sec. is normal with mainwaterline pressure and small injektor (or nozzle). u can install a manual pre-infusion switch to close the solenoid valve of the group and infuse with reduced mainwater pressure~2Bar for better taste. After for example 5-10sec. you start normal pull and turn the switch of.