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La Marzocco GS1 went fast.

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  • La Marzocco GS1 went fast.

    Did anybody else notice the short lived La Marzocco GS1 on the bay?

    More importantly did anybody here buy it?

    Seemed to be a classic case of the seller not knowing what he had. I'm guessing he accepted an early cash offer?

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    I didn't see it but wish I had.
    Can you list any more info Sharkboy?

    By the way, it's just GS not GS1


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      I can think of some other reasons why such an item might be withdrawn quick smart......


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        was there a GS in that lot that got stolen last month


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          Yeah, I saw the GS. In fact, I was the first bidder and it annoyed me as I noticed people had asked if they could place offers on the GS. I was worried the seller would cancel the auction, so I offered him $1000 off the bat. Before I knew it, he had responded to me and advised me it was sold. My bid was then outbid after this and auction was cancelled.

          I am unaware of any stolen items, so unsure if this was stolen, but I don't think so. I emailed the guy and said I hope he got at least $2000 for it and he thought I was joking. He asked me what it is worth. The guy really had no idea what he had, and someone has really done well out of this. Sadly, not me. I would have paid up to $3k (not even knowing if it worked).


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            yeh, fair enough....I think you are right...he just didn't know what he had.


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              One of the photos from the 'auction'.


              This coffee machine has been in storage for approx. 2 years was in good working condition .Coffee Machine LA MARZOCCO - old and made in Italy. The machine needs o be cleaned and im not sure if its still working. Everything still looks fine. You can come and have a look at it if you want and test it before you buy it because i dont know much about these machines at all. selling it the way it is and the way you see it on the pictures and sorry im NOT giving any guarantee on it.
              Cash only
              Pick up only
              Location: Cranbourne north 3977

              Q: Hi do you have a contact number? Can I come have a look tomorrow? If I like it do you have an Idea on what you would take in cash on the spot? Regards Adrian 0402684402
              A: hi, Sorry i cant tomorrow, im very busy. It would be the best to come and have a look at it Saturday afternoon. If you want to come and have a look at it then ill give you my contact number and address. Thanks

              Q: gday I was just wondering if you have a buy it now price and if it is ok for a courier to pick it up at my expense. Thanks lommerse44
              A: hi, Well make an offer and if good then just send your courier with cash money and its all done. The coffee machine is very heavy around 50kg.thanks
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                Nice machine in original colours.
                Group cap looks good condition, can't get these anymore.
                The steam wand and the hot water tap are on the wrong side but that's easy to fix.
                Taps look to be original, but not sure if this style is from the GS or GS2. It's missing the Perspex La Marzocco sign that sits above the cup warmer tray (which by the way, the hot water tap on the right top is to let hot water into pipe work to heat the cups faster, very cool IMOP).

                I would think it to be worth $5-6000 in this condition and probably double that restored.

                Nice machine, I couldn't find a decent 1group when 1was looking, if anyone here is looking for a machine like this I would recommend getting a parts complete one as some parts are difficult to get.

                I just noticed the original brew pressure gauge too, same size as linea but inserts from the back not the front. The switch on the right should be a brew light, not important tho
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                  Second thought on price, $5-6000 might be a bit too much. Maybe $4-5000. But I'd stand by the $12000 ish sale price for a fully restored version, if you aren't in a hurry to sell.


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                    Originally posted by Ronin View Post
                    Second thought on price, $5-6000 might be a bit too much. Maybe $4-5000. But I'd stand by the $12000 ish sale price for a fully restored version, if you aren't in a hurry to sell.
                    I tried to post a link to the site of the ended auction to show people the item, but it was removed as per site policy. In terms of the price, I think more around $3000-$4000 as you had no interior shots and really no idea of how much you would be paying to fix what is under the hood. Having said that, I would have gone up to $3k on this as I badly want a vintage LM.

                    Having said that, and I am sure this will breach site policy, but I have seen a GS restored for sale asking less than $9kUSD. I think $12k would be way too high for a single group GS restored, but that is me.


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                      Fair enough, it's worth what it sells for.
                      I've seen 1 group paddle sell for just under $6k USD and a resto of the same between $9kUSD & $12kUSD depending on resto quality.

                      There isn't too much to go wrong inside these machines but parts are the trouble.
                      I think we can all agree they are desirable machines that are worth restoring


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                        Just saw your restoration job Ronin, nice one. A few more photos, might be helpful for others restoring... maybe.
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                          Not finisher yet tho.
                          A one group would be nice too