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La Cimbali M21 (Junior D) Boiler repair

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  • La Cimbali M21 (Junior D) Boiler repair

    Hi Guys

    I need some advice on my Cimbali M21 (Junior D), and specifically on the boiler. I have had the machine for 3 years (its about 15 years old and had a very easy life before me ignored in someone's kitchen) and recently the element shorted out. Turns out to be a slow leak somewhere around the element base - unclear exactly where, but 2 of the bolts were corroded away. One head snapped off whilst trying to take it off. After trying to lever it off with only moderate pressure a sparky friend and I gave up. I took it to my local servicing agent who rings me a day or two later and says that the boiler has a hole. I go and have a look and the head of the element has obviously been forced down (trying to lever the element off, I presume) and buckled the end of the boiler, causing a break in it and a subsequent hole. Needless to say I don't think we did it, and they aint admitting to anything either - basically there is no proof either way.

    Anyways, I took the boiler elsewhere to get repaired (they would not touch it) and it appeared to have been a solid repair with very high temp oxy torch and food grade silver solder (see the photos) When they attached it back to the machine again, however, there is another leak directly from around the repaired area. All up now I am around $400 in labour to service the machine, get the boiler in and out a couple of times, and repair it off-site. Apparently everything else internal in the machine is fine.

    So the question is, is this likely to be a terminal sentence for the boiler looking at the pics, or should it be taken back and given another shot at repair? I have tried to source a replacement boiler without any luck whatsoever, and I haven't seen an old dead junior or Faema 98 to canabilise for parts. I also don't know if a boiler from a new Jnr will fit in or if the design has changed - my service guy did not know the answer to that one.

    So, do I keep trying to repair this boiler or go looking for another machine? I can probably spend $2k on a replacement but I would prefer just to spend 100's on getting a "new" boiler.

    Thanks for ideas Guys, I am definitely open to any and all suggestions at this point.


    (Posted in extreme machines as well)
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    Stickleback - that looks like my boiler...

    Due to upgradeitis my machine will be on the market shortly. If all else fails, you might get a an old repaired boiler out of mine. Not a scrap of scale in it.

    I was thinking mine would go on the market for around $400 ono - that is the $200 I paid for it, the $450 I spent on new parts when I restored it, and the $100 for a recent new element (about 1 month old). Less 4 years of depreciation.

    So I think you could bear in mind that you have this option upcoming as a back stop.


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      Brilliant - pm sent


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        Originally posted by Stickleback View Post

        (Posted in extreme machines as well)
        Just for future reference, that is considered poor forum etiquette, You will generally get a better response just posting once.

        Try sending a few of the sponsors an email directly, 9bar espresso services should be able to give you good clear advice on your options.
        Phone: 1300 NINEBAR


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          Cheers - noted.