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Vib pump Cimbali Junior D

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  • Vib pump Cimbali Junior D

    Hi All, I just finished all maintenance on my recently bought Cimbali Junior D.
    Because the pump (Cimbali 533-197-400) looked old and a bit rusty I changed it for a new one.
    I found by a local dealer an Ulka pump type CS M3886. As I was told should be good enough for my Cimbali. First I tried the machine with the old pump, pressing coffee the normal way and had no problems making a good espresso. Since I installed the new one, I cannot press the coffee at all and it takes much longer to make a ristretto.
    I suspect the new pump has no power enough!
    Is there any of you who could enlighten me on this matter? Thanks in advance.

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    This might be of interest....

    Ulka Bj. '89 gegen '93

    Compares an ULKA ep5 to the CS, says despite the same specs the ep5 sprays water further for whatever thats worth.

    See if you can find a EP5/EX5 for sale, it seems the CS is just a much older generation of the same pump


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      Find out if the original pump had a diode incorporated. If it did, but your new pump doesnt, then someone who is electrically qualified needs to fit up a diode.

      And remember, no electrical qualification, no touchie!


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        Original pump was an EX5 from what I have found


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          The Diode part is what's needed to know.


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            with diode according to this

            1122739 VIBRATORY PUMP EX5 48W 230V 50Hz
            fittings ø 1/8" countersunk - ø 6 mm pressure max 15 bar
            water temperature max 20°C integrated diode (1N 4007P)
            lead connector 6.3x0.8 mm
            CIMBALI 533-197-400


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              Originally posted by Jimmytheboot View Post
              with diode according to this

              1122739 VIBRATORY PUMP EX5 48W 230V 50Hz
              ......integrated diode......CIMBALI 533-197-400
              Good work, that will be it then. I venture the replacement pump purchased probably doesnt (have an integrated diode). Someone will need to fit one, and all will be back to normal tut sweet!


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                Thanks guys for all the speedy feedback!
                I already found an address were I can buy the Ulka EX5 with diode!