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I cant believe i'm even thinking this....

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  • I cant believe i'm even thinking this....

    Hi Guys,

    In my mind the title says it all, i cant believe i'm thinking this but i'm going to ask anyhow. I currently have an Expobar Minore IV which i have owned for the past year. I think its fantastic and its exceeded all my expectations since buying it. However as many people on here seem to suffer from is upgrading to other eye catching machines which not only sound nice to use but are also very nice to look at. I guess what i am asking is if i was to upgrade to something more extravagant, what things can i expect to improve on these machines? Other than appearance can i expect the quality of coffee to improve? (taking into consideration the operator making it). Machines that are catching my eye are Orchestrale Nota and the Izzo Alex Duetto. Or am i best just sticking with what i have? I would love to say price isn't an issue but it is however sometimes you just have to stretch the budget?? .

    Opinions welcome

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    Hello coffeechris,

    We're talking nth degree stuff here in my opinion.

    If you're happy with your setup, you will see much more variation with coffee and grind quality. All of this assumes that you are consistent in what you are doing as well.

    You might go to a Duetto because you plan to plumb in one day or prefer the quietness of a rotary pump but a well configured machine is ultimately a well configured machine and will produce great shots when everything comes together.

    Assuming that your grinder is up to the task, you'd be upgrading because you want something different. I guess one bonus is that a lucky CS'er might score a beautiful pre-loved machine at a fair price.




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      I've had the Expoobar Leva for a few years now (bought from Talk Coffee).
      As Chris said, if it's well configured it will consistently produce good shots; mine does.

      I reckon after only a year you haven't outgrown the Expobar.
      I know mine handles everything I throw at it.
      The weak link in the chain is me.

      What grinder do you have?
      Maybe you need to throw some money in that direction if something is lacking for you.


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        I must say I'm no where close to out of growing my machine, it's just hard to keep my eyes off other ones that are around. Like you said thunder god I'm the weak link in the chain, in saying that though I'm happy with the coffee I'm producing. I had a smart grinder, got Chris's old ditting and have used a few times my brothers K3 touch. I really like my machine and expobar, so much that I considered buying the expobar office as well so I had a volumetric machine as well.

        When you say well configured what do you mean by that?

        I think it's due for a service and clean, I'm sending you a message Chris.
        Thanks for your thoughts so far guys....


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          I don't know the Ditting, but ask Chris if it can be improved.
          One year is not nearly enough time (IMO) to be sure that you are getting the best from the machine. I've been on the higher end for about 3 or 4 years now and am only just getting great coffee each time.
          Buy a roaster and roast your own.
          When in doubt--buy an Izzo lever!



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            After much thought this past week i have come to realise its just a want thing that i really don't need. When i think about it the machine i have is fantastic, it always preforms and makes a good coffee every time. The Ditting grinder is more more suitable as a bag grinder. Im sure the grind on its very precise. But its not ergonomically set up for grinding for set amounts. I have other plans for that grinder.
            I have used a few times my brothers K3 push and keep thinking i should be getting one or something like it.
            I do roast my own coffee, which i'm glad i do. In the end i think this thread was me speaking out aloud wanting something i no i really don't need at the moment.
            Kind regards,



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              I got to Dreaming about a Kees van der western, said if I get a certain contract I'll buy it as a treat for myself.

              Then I realized it won't fit in my bench space so the problem solved itself.....

              anyway the izzo Alex is a great machine so unless we buy a new home with a longer coffee bench.......


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                I got your disease.
                Had my expobar minore I for about 5 years.
                Upgraded to a K10 fresh and a 70's Aurora HX lever for less than the dolled up GS3.
                Feels special to me.

                Go the lever!


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                  Well, there is a new kid on the lever block now ...
                  Certainly a little different, and ideal for anyone who is short on bench space !
                  The Wouter ES2.