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  • la cimbali m32 dosatron

    hey guys, i hope the questions here are not silly ones but i figured, even if they were, at least i would learn something ;-)

    i'm currently looking to setup a small not-for-profit coffee stall in a corner of a church and was hoping for some people to shed some light on a 2nd hand 3 group la cimbali m32 dosatron i'm eyeing. the main reason i'm looking at it is that its affordable and able to do the expected 100-200 shots per hour during the busiest times. don't really want to bug the owner about it until im sure its usable for the application.

    the main issue im facing is power supply - is it at all possible to plug it in with a 15amp power supply? get a sparky to change the input? would it make the machine completely incapable of operating or is it do-able? we're not even sure how the stall is going to be accepted by the crowd and do not want to commit too much (and end up losing money vs helping the cause it's set up for in the first place!) before having an idea. if it does take off we will definitely look at doing a 3phase power supply for the unit.

    thanks for the input guys, and sorry if it does turn out to be a silly question!

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    Hi Mate, My understanding is that all Cimbali Machines can be run single phase. I have an M20 that I'm working on and under the tray it has electrical configuration diagram of how to wire for 3-phase and single phase. However, I'm not sure if 15Amps may be enought for your wattage (you can calculate Amps from your machine wattage). Worst case it may need 20A and you can hard wire it I suppose, your sparky will certainly be able to provide more accurate information.


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      Hi Mate, I checked some info it says 40 Amps for single phase. (or 16A per phase in 3-phase.)


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        3 group on 15 amp? Forget it.... you'd me much better off with a compact 2 group with a wattage around 3000. You need to leave some headroom for grinders, fridges and I'm guessing your 15A supply will not be a dedicated circuit.


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          ....40 Amps for single phase....
          Yikes ! ..thats 10 kW !! could heat the whole church in winter time with that !


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            Hi Tim,
            Have you made up our mind about this machine.


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              qahwa, well... im looking at getting a 11kw generator to power it... but the more i think of it the less practical/more crazy it's all seeming... funnily enough its still cheaper than getting a brand new 2 group hx machine. currently leaving the decision up to the people who are forking out the cash but meanwhile personally realizing its more worthwhile to wait for a reliable 2nd hand automatic 2group to pop up!

              why do you ask anyway? =)