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Faema e98 compact - steam pressure problem

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  • Faema e98 compact - steam pressure problem


    My faema e98 compact s1 has been playing up lately.

    When I begin frothing the milk the steam is very wet and boiler pressure drops to 0 . I let the pressure build up again and steam.

    Normal boiler pressure is around 1.2 bar and whenever I begin steaming boiler pressure only drops slightly, but never like this going down to 0.

    Any ideas what the problem is?


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    If it only does it the first time you froth after turning the machine on your anti-vac valve is stuck closed.

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      Thanks for the reply.

      What is involved in fixing it yourself, would I need to replace it?


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        If your machine uses the same anti-vac valve as the larger commercial models it's a simple job of removing the anti-vac valve and replacing an internal o-ring and the gasket the valve seals against. Contact your local Faema dealer for the needed parts or I'm sure there are CS sponsors who also stock the needed parts.

        As you'll be messing around inside the machine you will of course need to follow all the usual safety rules. Disconnect the unit from all power, let the unit cool down completely and open a steam valve to make sure the boiler is unpressurized.

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          just open the steam valve once its warmed up. that will drop pressure down and then it will work fine once it has built up pressure again. I have a 12 year old e98 and it works like a treat.

          i dont think there is any need for replacement parts

          cheers paul


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            also, run your boiler closer to the bottom mark rather than the top level. That will solve your wet steam issue.


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              Looking at some schematics it appears that the newer Faema anti-vac valves may not be rebuildable. You'll need to talk to someone who knows that specific valve to find out if they are. Even if you have to buy a whole new valve they're only $13-$20 with another buck and a half for the gasket and are easily replaced.

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                I took the covers off, it seems like there is a lot of scale build up on the valve, is it better to replace it with a new one or put up with it like others have suggested? Could it cause serious damage if not replaced in the long term?
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                  Is that the bottom of the boiler? then its not the anti vac valve, it has to be above the water level


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                    I managed to remove the anti vac valve, clean it and reinstall it.

                    That seemed to make it better. Pressure now drops from 1.2 bar to 0.7 or 0.8 bar when frothing milk.

                    Thanks for all the help.