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Vibiemme Domobar Double Boiler vs Rocket Espresso Giotto Evoluzione V2

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  • Vibiemme Domobar Double Boiler vs Rocket Espresso Giotto Evoluzione V2

    Simple question with possible not such a simple answer.

    I am contemplating buying one of these two machines but aren't sure which one. From my research both are very good and would serve me well.
    Not sure if the extra $800 odd dollars for the VBM is worth what is essential just the addition of a PID.

    Any feedback help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Well not really, a dual boiler and a heat exchange system are 2 different things altogether

    If you want a rocket equivalent for the VBM it would have to be the R58 which is a dual boiler PID as well


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      If you like to tweak/dabble with everything to the nth degree the PID is pretty good. Of course you can just adjust the pressurestat for the same result.

      PID will eliminate the deadband as well but I've got no idea what the temp swing would be on the Giotto and I'm sure users will tell you it's negligible..

      I reckon the Giotto just looks awesome though

      It might help you to see them up close!


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        A more realistic comparison would be VBM DB v Izzo Alex Duetto. The R58 is not yet ready for Australia. The Giotto would best be compared with competitor machines. Without listing everything, Diadema, VBM et al are some of the good ones.

        NB Adjusting the pressurestat on a HX machine can make differences at the group, but without a Scace, there is no way to measure it. Also there will never be the same adjustability due to HX design and the art of thermosiphon restriction.

        FWIW, many justify (and promote) the need for technology to get a great cup. While many Aussies primarily drink milk coffee dual boiler is far less relevant. Unless you can pull a flight of identical shots, it's barely relevant at all in a semi-commercial machine as the technique of the operator will create far more variation than a degree or two in shot temperature.


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          Really appreciate the comments. The turning point might be insomnispresso comment "the Giotto just looks awesome". Can't argue with that.
          I drink espresso's, the wife caps and we entertain a fair bit.
          The questions that arises (and im guessing very hard to answer) is the price differential between these two machines worth it?


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            Funkki, I very recently went from the VBM Junior to the Evo. As said above if you want muck about and experiment the DB is probably the way to go but if [like me] you just want to consume and serve up to friends and family consistent and great coffee the Evo will not be the weak link. Also I expect that the VBM DB is built to the same standard as the Junior, that being the case they are well made but the Rocket is just that level better and it is not a square box.

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              Funkii, I recently went from the VBM DS to the VBM DB, while the DS is a great machine the DB is incredible, another step up in the ladder. Stable temp, no flushing, rotary pump, plumb in and out, PID (which I may not alter for a while, but it certainly stabilises the temp), preheat of brew water thru steam boiler, in all its a very nice machine. I am running it with a VST basket, while that basket isnt the easiest to extract thru the flavours are incredible and every shot is a winner. I am sorry I cant comment on the Giotto. I looked at the Alex Duetto but decided in the end I was just happy to continue with the VBM quality, for me it was worth the extra cost.


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                Went with the Rocket and love it. Thanks all for the input.


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                  Originally posted by Funkki View Post
                  Went with the Rocket and love it.
                  Don't doubt it, enjoy :-)